Chalk up another offer for Brown

There doesn't seem to be a week that goes by lately, that Princeton high standout lineman Aaron Brown isn't getting another new offer. Well, don't chalk this week up as any different, because yet another one comes in. Aaron and his family have visited almost all of those that have offered, so one has to wonder if this latest school will be one that is to get a visit anytime soon.

The Brown family has had a plan and that was pretty simple; If someone has offered, think about heading there to take a look. Well, that philosophy has had Aaron Brown and company heading all over the country, places they have or intend on visited(ing) in the recent past or near future like Miami (FL), Ohio State, Auburn, LSU, Louisville, Pitt and Purdue. According to Aaron Brown's father, you can now add Nebraska to that list as the written offer just arrived. "Just got it today," Mr. Brown said. "So, I'll probably be calling the coaches down there and talk to them a little about it."

Aaron's father said that consistent with their philosophy, a trip to see the Huskers would more than likely be set for the near future.

As to the visits they have taken thus far, the elder Brown said that nothing they see right now is going to put anyone above or behind one another, because their expectations at this point of the recruiting process are fairly low-key. "It's just a chance to familiarize yourself with what the campus is like, the facilities and things like that," he said. "And, for the most part, everyone has great programs, stadiums and facilities."

"It's going to come down to the relationships that Aaron builds with the coaches from these teams over the future, but this is just a way to get up-close to see just what kind of program they have."

Nebaska is Brown's 15th offer and according to his father, their traveling cross-country, well, it might be just warming up.


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