Son of former Husker one of state's best

One thing that Nebraska has prided itself on for years and even decades is raising home grown talent to work within the football team. Coach Bill Callahan and Co. have made it their mission to find the best available throughout the cornfields and plug them into their new defense and West Coast Offense. One such prospect is being looked at in Nebraska's own back yard. Does he have similar interest in the Cornhuskers?

Tyler Bullock is considered by the Nebraska Coaching Staff to be one of the finest prospects in the Cornhusker State in the upcoming recruiting class. He stands 6'2", weighs in at 190 pounds while running a 4.5 electronic 40-yard dash. He currently benches 195 pounds and power cleans 180 pounds. In his junior season, Bullock had 571 yards receiving, averaging out to 18 yards per carry and scored 7 touchdowns. The Lincoln North Star prospect is also a force in the classroom carrying a 3.7 GPA. He was named to Lincoln's All-City team and was honorable mention for the All-State team. He plans to attend the Elite Camp in Kansas during this year and claims his strengths as his hands, his speed and what he can do after the catch.

Bullock mentions that he grew up as a fan of both Nebraska and Miami. Watching his father, former Nebraska Wide Receiver Ricky Simmons, in the 1983 Orange Bowl, Bullock claims his enjoyment of the Hurricanes started out "as a joke", but he's enjoyed watching the likes of Ken Dorsey and Willis McGahee as of late. That doesn't make him any less of a Cornhusker fan, though. "Having my dad playing there, I always wanted to follow in his footsteps," said Bullock. Currently, though, he claims interest in Nebraska, Kansas State and Iowa State with Nebraska being his favorite school.

Bullock likes a lot of the things that Nebraska is doing right now, in fact. ‘It's a good program overall. They have a good history and great athletes, it's just kind of rebuilding now with new coaches the West Coast Offense which is another reason I'm interested," he said. Nebraska has begun contacting Tyler and letting him know they've got their eye on him. "Just letters and no phone calls yet," he said. Bullock has received letters from Nebraska, Iowa State, KSU, Georgia Tech and UNK. Bullock used to have contact with Turner Gill, but recently has gotten to talk to coach Ted Gilmore, Nebraska's new Wide Receivers coach.

Tyler explained some of the bigger factors that will go into his final decision. "Obviously, I want to play, but I don't expect to be a superstar as a freshman. Personally, though, I think I'm capable of doing that. The coaching staff is a plus, but if I don't get along with the coaches, that's just something I have to overcome. As far as weather, I could play hot or cold," he said. Tyler doesn't have any visits set up yet, but when asked if he could pick anywhere in the country to visit, he chose Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma.

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