Huskers after one of the best in Dallas

The evaluation period has shaken out quicker for some, but for some it's easy when you stand 6-foot-7 and 355 pounds. But that is just the starters for this book-end tackle who brings sound technique and great athleticism when he plays on the end of an offensive line. This offensive lineman from Dallas promises to be one of the most sought after tackles in the nation this season.

If people aren't familiar with Dallas (Texas) Carter they need to be. It is traditionally a powerhouse in the metroplex and a producer of serious college football players.

This year is no different as they will have Curtis Bailey manning the offensive tackle position on their offensive line. The 6-foot-7 and 355 pound Bailey brings a lot to the table.

Bailey who has the size that is ideal for an offensive tackle sports a 5.3/40 that helps him handle even the best defensive ends that he faces. He can't back it up with stats as his team doesn't track them for offensive line, but the honors and offers speak for themselves.

"No, we don't track stats for offensive line. I was first team all-district and second team all-state," Bailey said.

"I have offers from Texas A&M and Texas so far. Texas A&M, Texas, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska and Texas Tech are all showing interest right now."

From the teams that have offered, that are showing interest and the teams that he is considering he has a list of current favorites. "I am most interested in Texas, Notre Dame, USC, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Nebraska."

Some fortunate teams will get a closer look at Bailey this summer as he is planning on taking in some camps and maybe a combine or two. "I went to the Texas camp last year. I think that I am going to go to the Oklahoma camp."

"More than likely I might go to Iowa as well. They have been sending me camp brochures and they were the most interesting to me. I am going to try and do some combines this summer too."

Covering the backside in passing situations is the biggest importance of a tackle. Bailey claims that he likes to pass block, but he likes to run block a little bit more.

"Run blocking is definitely my strength. I can pass block, but I like to run block. I make big holes"

While he has the physical tools to be a college tackle right now he is focused on his coming senior year, but he isn't content. He is planning on working hard this summer to become a better player. "I want to work on my agility and my speed this summer."

Growing up in Dallas it's easy to be very aware of the in-state programs. However, Bailey is taking the time to research all of the schools that he is interested in and that are showing an interest in him.

Nebraska has been after Bailey for a while now and had this to say about the Cornhuskers, "From my uncle, I heard that they have a good team, but I am in the process of doing my research on the universities and I am still finding out about them. My uncle played basketball at Texas Tech and he is familiar with them."

Big Red Report will bring you the latest on Bailey on what promises to be one of the most sought after tackles in the state of Texas and the nation.

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