Corsicana Prospect Generating Big Interest

Corsicana, Texas looks to offer the college football world a few Division 1-A prospects for the upcoming year and we've caught up to one of them. This young man had the potential to grow into a mountain of a human being and is eyeing some of the hottest schools in the country. Just who is this new prospect and what does he bring to the table?

Cory Brandon offers up a frame that has all of the potential to grow into a huge football player.  Standing 6'6" and weighing in at 255 pounds, Brandon has room to grow and then some.  He runs a 5.1 40 yard dash, benches 275 pounds, squats 405 pounds and cleans 265 pounds.  He was named First-Team All District and currently holds offers from Oklahoma State, LSU, Purdue and Oklahoma with his favorite being the Sooners.  He points out his run blocking ability and quickness as his strong points as a football player.


Growing up, Brandon had a certain favorite college football team.  "It was Nebraska because I always saw them on TV," he said.  Nebraska offered a lot in the way of entertainment for young Cory growing up, but now, as a high school prospect, he looks at Nebraska from a slightly different perspective. That perspective is one of a young man looking to make a big decision on his future collegiate choice.  So, that said, what is a major factor in Nebraska's recruitment of Brandon?  "Academics and their high percentage graduating players," he said.  Not only is that aspect a good thing for Cory, but he lets us know that mom happens to like that quite a bit, too.


Cory has had some recent correspondence with Nebraska reporting a couple of school information letters coming his way.  He does mention that distance will probably play a factor in his eventual decision, though he hasn't really put a number down that will eliminate any potential school.  Mainly, he just wants his family to be able to watch him play.  If Cory had to choose places to visit today, he said he would want to visit Oklahoma and Louisiana State. 


Brandon is friends with a former Nebraska offer and current Texas Tech Red Raider Louis Vasquez, so does the relationship offer Tech an advantage?  "I've known him since he was a kid. I didn't know he was older than me, I guess he must have skipped ahead.  He wants me to come there.  Every day he's like, ‘Are you coming?'"  Cory did mention that having Louis at Texas Tech would definitely cause him to give the Red Raiders some serious thought.

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