Mississippi WR Amongst Other D-1 Prospects

With the West Coast Offense starting to take shape in Lincoln, Nebraska, one thing that is needed is a bevy of talented receivers for a quarterback to take advantage of. One such prospect is getting quite a bit of attention as his junior year in high school draws to a close. Just who is this prospect and what connection does he have to the Nebraska program?

In Bill Callahan's West Coast Offense, receivers are a vital cog and one such individual has been pegged by the Cornhuskers.  Markeith Summers stands 6' 4", weighs 190 pounds and runs a 4.6 40 yard dash.  He accumulated 649 yards on 21 catches and turned six of those snags into touchdowns.  He was named to -Region, All-District and All-State teams after his junior season and currently claims offers from Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Nebraska.  In addition to those teams he claims interest in Miami (FL), LSU and Florida.  He plans to camp at Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Nebraska and cites his strengths as a player as his speed and his height.


In growing up, Markeith was able to see quite a bit of speed and talent at the receiver position of his favorite school during that period.  "I liked Miami a lot, their speed of the game and how good they were," he said.  Now that he has become a prospect for several schools, he has broadened his horizons a bit even to the Cornhusker State.  Interestingly enough, Summers has one connection to the Nebraska program already.  "I know Brandon Jackson, I watched him quite a bit last year," he said.  The Cornhuskers have kept up a pretty decent pace of communication with the prospect from Olive Branch, Mississippi.  "Yeah I've gotten some letters, four or five letters," he said.


In discussing major factors in his final collegiate choice, Markeith said, "I want to go somewhere where I can get the ball.  I'm looking to find a school that throws the ball quite a bit," he said.  He cites his best ability as a wide receiver as being able to burn defensive backs deep and would like to have that option in college.  Summers has already started to take a few trips.  "I went to Ole Miss Saturday, I liked it, it was pretty good.  I really liked the locker room.  I'm supposed to go to Tennessee, LSU and Mississippi State, too," said Summers. 


Summers has a brother, Anthony, who helps quarterback the Olive Branch High team.  His squad features a few players who have possible Divison 1-A talent, in fact.  WR Allen Walker, DE Victor Thomas, LB Tray Hardaway and LB Jeremy Longstreet dot the Olive Branch team with some serious talent on both sides of the ball.

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