Huskers one of the first to offer FL lineman

In states like Texas, California and Florida, if you are an in-state school and can lock down the borders to out of state schools you will be just fine. Teams want to cherry pick these states and just get a player that would decide to leave the state. The Huskers pulled one prep player from Florida last year and are trying again this year.

The Huskers were able to land their number one quarterback prospect from the Sunshine State in Harrison Beck. This year, the offers are coming out fast and furious and one of the first Floridians and offensive tackles to hold an offer is Jim Barrie.

Barrie has what colleges are looking for. He's got the frame, 6-foot-5.5, the weight, 305, and the athleticism. While Barrie couldn't remember what his best 40 time was, the proof is in the pudding.

"I graded out at about 90%," Barrie said. "We don't track pancakes or knock-downs, but if we did it would be a lot. I promise you that."

While 90% is a great number, what his best number is his sacks allowed which is none and not just over this past year. "I have never allowed a sack in my career. I have been a starter since my sophomore year and I played my freshman year."

Barrie pulled in some impressive honors last season receiving fist team all-state, first team all-county, and all big-conference. As a sophomore he was second team all-county and first team all-county.

Barrie is currently up to three offers. "I have three. They're from Nebraska, Auburn and Duke. I'd say those three; Florida and Georgia are showing the most interest. I am wide open. Definitely wide open."

While Barrie claims to be wide open he has some criteria that he is looking at when it comes to picking a school. "First it's academics then it's a national championship program. I don't know what I want to major in, but both of my parents are vets and they would like me to be a vet too."

Barrie hails from Tampa (Flor.) Berkely Prep where there is beautiful weather and an ocean near by, so is distance a huge consideration? "Not really, it would be nice to stay close to stay home, but it would be fine if I were to go to like Nebraska or that far away."

Last year Barrie went to Down and Dirty and the Florida camp. "It's an awesome camp (Down and Dirty). It's a work camp and they show you how to pass block and run block really good. It's helped me out a lot."

"I'll probably do Down and Dirty this year, I am not too sure yet. We haven't spoken about it yet as a team. I will probably do some camps with my team. I have to talk to my coach about it. I'll probably do some college camps by myself. I have no idea what college camps I am going to go to. I got about 20 invites so I have to take a look at them."

While people focus on what you learned at a camp, another benefit is the travel and to become familiar with another school. For Barrie, that isn't a huge deal as schools that may get him to camp at will benefit, but he is planning on some unofficial visits too.

"Well actually I am planning on going on unofficial visits to Nebraska in April and I am planning on going up to Auburn too. We haven't decided which weekend to go to Nebraska yet. It will either be a practice before the spring game or the spring game."

Barrie is very aware of the type of environment that Nebraska had for last year's spring game. He even knows about the weather that they had last year, laughed and said, "Well, 75 degrees is cold here."

What didn't draw the same humor was the fan turnout that Nebraska had last season for its spring game and what Nebraska is anticipating for this year's turnout. "The coaches tell me that they might sell out the spring game. I kind of want to see it. It would be cool. It would almost be like a game day to see."

Barrie attributes his success playing offensive line to his aggressiveness. "I am definitely very aggressive. I go all out every play, until the whistle. I think that I am pretty balanced as far as a pass blocker and a run blocker. We run a balanced offense."

The primary recruiter for Barrie right now is Coach Phil Elmassian. "I have spoken to Coach Elmassian before. He's the guy recruiting me. I am going to tell them that I am going to go up there for a visit."

"I like Nebraska a lot. They are recruiting me very hard. I like Coach Elmassian and I got a chance to talk to Coach Wagner. He sounded great. I am actually very excited to get a chance to go up there."

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