Taylor Mays' Offers Reach Double Digits

When you're the caliber of athlete that Taylor Mays is, schools around the country start to take notice and do so very quickly once the first few offers are made. Taylor's offers have reached into the double digits now, which school has made the latest entry into the sweepstakes for this talented prospect?

One of the areas of concern going into Nebraska's 2005-2006 recruiting class is that of the defensive backfield, specifically Safety.  It's an area that due to graduation and simple lack of depth have left Nebraska searching far and wide for the best and brightest available.  One such prospect is Seattle, Washington's Taylor Mays.  The O'Dea High School prospect was pleased to find out that the Cornhuskers have officially put the scholarship offer on the table.  "The first thing I thought was Nebraska's a great football program and I felt honored.  Not only that they thought I was good enough to play there but that they wanted to give me an opportunity to play at a school like that.  It gave me a feeling of satisfaction.  For a school like Nebraska to want you, you have to perform at all times," said Mays.

Mays is also considering courtship from Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, UCLA, LSU and Washington but Nebraska isn't behind anyone at this point.  "I don't have a top five, but Nebraska's a school I've liked every since I've liked college football," said Mays.  We discussed just what made Nebraska so attractive to Taylor in the first place as well.  "(Them) having guys that are bigger, faster, stronger with the strength program, the tradition that they've had.  I'm also attracted how faithful the fans are.  The red travels and I like programs that have devout fans," stated Mays.  

Taylor is currently sorting through the possible camps he could visit and anticipates being able to make a decision after a period of deliberation, but he does plan to make a trek to Nebraska no matter what.  "I don't know what I'm going do with camps because I have to go to my school's team camps. I'm going to schedule a couple camps around that and if it doesn't conflict, I'll schedule the camp but regardless I'm going to check out the school," he said.

With Nebraska bringing in a horde of junior prospects for the 2004 Spring Game, the 2005 event looks to be just as important to the Nebraska recruiting effort.  It was asked if Taylor was going to make an unofficial visit for the Red-White scrimmage or an unofficial visit at all.  ‘I don't have a date planned but I would love to go to the Spring Game.  We're trying to put together a couple visits but we're definitely going to check out Nebraska when the students are down there so I get the whole atmosphere," said Mays.

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