Huskers offer big DE/DT from Kentucky

When you play for Louisville Central the spotlight is always on and this year will be no exception. This elite DE/DT is not only a top six prospect in the state, but will no doubt be ranked high nationally as well. This six-foot-three, 275 pound standout is in his own words "still growing," and will be a force to reckon with this year. This DE from Kentucky boasts all the athleticism and attitude needed to play at the next level.

Even with all this early attention from college teams such as Michigan, Louisville, Ohio St., and Nebraska; Corey Peters is handling the attention with a level head as he learned first hand from another Louisville standout, James McKinney, about the pressures of going through the recruiting process.

Peters is a name that might not be well known, but he is indeed a hot commodity and the recruiting process has barely started. He has the size that Colleges are looking for, but what struck me about Corey was his willingness to get better. He didn't know his exact stats and really didn't care about individual accolades. When asked what his best attribute on the field is, he immediately, in an excited tone, answered my question.

"My best quality is my willingness to be coached and do what's asked of me. If a coach tells me to do something, I will do it."

With a written offer from Louisville and another verbal offer from Nebraska this standout is in no hurry to name favorites or leaders. When asked, who are you considering and is distance a factor he said, "I like Michigan, Ohio St., Louisville, and Nebraska. I also like Kentucky. Distance is not really a factor, but I wouldn't go to school in California or someplace way out there."

With camps being as popular as they are, it's important for these recruits to see first hand what the school has to offer and meet the coaches much earlier in the recruiting process. He did not know for sure what camps he is going to be attending, but he does plan on attending a few of them.

"I will probably go to the Michigan and Ohio St. camps and I am not sure on the rest. I will probably attend Kentucky's camp as well. I would also like to visit Nebraska, but with the long drive, transportation might be a problem."

Corey is currently staying in shape by wrestling and will do track here in a few weeks. Corey said, "I want to become stronger and improve my speed a little, and that's why I am going out for wrestling and track."

While Corey has the frame to play either defensive end or tackle, most coaches believe he will end up at defensive tackle, due to the fact that he is still growing. Regardless of position, this young man will undoubtedly turn some heads as he fully develops.

With a verbal offer from Nebraska so early it looks like Nebraska might get an official visit. He said, "Nebraska has a huge tradition and they are well known everywhere you go."

Although the offers are just starting to come in, Nebraska has once again planted the seed early on and Big Red Report will be along for what promises to be a busy year for Corey Peters.

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