Top CA safety hauls in two more offers

Life is good. There was already an offer on the table from Nebraska, Mississippi State and Arizona, but that is just the beggining for this stud from California. Two more teams have stepped up in the recent days to offer what might be the top safety prospect in the state of California.

It may be early still for some to get overly involved in following 2006 recruiting. Even so, Jonas Mouton is a name that many know about that are up to date. Mouton was holding three offers, but received two more just recently.

"I got two more offers. I got offered by Washington State and Ole Miss. I have five total. I have offers from Nebraska, Mississippi State and Arizona as well," Mouton said.

"I am not leaning in any direction right now. I think that I am just going to wait until I take my trips to do that. I think that I will be getting some more offers before then. I want to take a look at all of my options."

It's pretty clear what so many teams see in Mouton. He's a safety that can support the run as well as someone that opposing quarterbacks must fine when throwing the ball. He owns the middle of the field.

Nebraska was one of the first teams to offer Mouton. He is looking into the Huskers and may be taking in an unofficial visit to see Lincoln here in the coming months.

"I am supposed to be going to a Nebraska game, I am not sure when. I might take all of my trips before my season starts. There might come a time when I have a trip planned and we might be in the playoffs and I have a visit that weekend too. I don't want to have to do that while I am in my playoffs."

Distance isn't a big deal for Mouton. In fact, he is looking for a few things when it comes to picking out a college, but it will really just come to him he thinks.

"As soon as it comes clear to me, what school treats me well, the location and I know that this is somewhere that I want to be for the next four to five years then I will make my decision."

While Nebraska and kids from California don't have a lot in common in most cases; in the case between Mouton and the Cornhuskers they do. A player at Nebraska is from Venice and was helpful to Jonas when it came to showing him the area when he transferred in from Englewood.

"Yeah, Beau Davis at Nebraska right now. I never played with him. When I came in he was leaving. We hung out and he showed me the ropes and how the life was in Venice. He kind of took me under his wing. We worked out all the time together. He threw me the ball to help me work out at receiver and helped me on my routes."

"I transferred in from Englewood two years ago. I have spoke to him since he left Venice. He came back to work out with us. I haven't spoke to him since he played in that game, Texas Tech I think. That was a crazy day for him, I know."

It's clear that the five offers that Mouton has right now is just the start. He thinks that a local school is close to offering me. "I think that USC is close to offering me. Their old recruiting coordinator is now at Ole Miss, so I don't know. Coach Blake is recruiting me from Nebraska. I called him after I received the offer. It went really well. He seemed like a really nice guy."

Mouton had this to say about Nebraska, "I like the things that they have going on with the school. They are working on their facilities. He told me about their recruiting class and how much he wanted me to be part of Nebraska."

Mouton doesn't think that distance could be a deciding factor is a home state school like USC might offer over Nebraska. "Distance isn't a big thing for me. Whatever I feel after I take the trip, see their depth chart, look and see who their star safety is who can teach me a few things that is probably where I would go."

Beyond distance not being a concern for Mouton and having a friend like Beau Davis already on campus, there is something else that Mouton knows and likes about Nebraska. "Nebraska didn't bring in any safeties last year. I know about that."

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