TX RB planning camp at Nebraska

In Texas, football talent runs deep. It doesn't seem that you need to go much further than the next school or town to find a running back with 4.4/40 speed. It's like what they say, you can't caoch speed. That is what makes this running back so valuable.

Garland (Texas) Lakeview Centennial is sportin two division I type players this year. You have already read about Terrell Turner, but now hear about Sherrod Borens who has been playing running back since his freshman year.

The 5-foot-8 and 175 pound Borens has the speed, the power and the field vision that teams want in a down to down back. And he's just that. He can catch the ball just as effectively as he can run the ball.

"I had about 1250 yards rushing, 250 yards receiving and 10 total touchdowns," Borens said. "I want to say seven touchdowns were rushing and three were receiving."

His numbers earned him all-district last year, but that may not compare the the team honor he won as a freshman. "I was first team all-district last year. My freshman year I was newcomer of the year on varsity."

Despite putting together a very solid junior campaign, Borens has yet to nab his first offer. However, he is getting some serious college attention from in and out of state schools.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting interest from Texas Tech, Iowa, Iowa State, Texas A&M and Nebraska. Nebraska, Texas A&M and Texas Tech are the schools that I have the most interest in right now."

While Nebraska may be kind of out of the ordinary for a Texas running back to have favoring over two in-state schools, it's not if you know something about the tradition of the running back at Nebraska. "I know that they are known for running the ball and have a powerful offense."

Another reason may be a former Husker being on your high school football team's caoching staff like Borens and Terrell have currently. "Coach (Byron) Bennett doesn't talk about Nebraska too much. He walks around talking about how good they used to be when he was there. We never went into specific details about it."

Borens only took in a team camp at his school last summer, but plans to be a lot busier this summer including a trip to Lincoln for camp. "I went to the camp up at the school, the OTT camp. It's for strength and conditioning and kind of a speed camp. It's a team camp."

"I am planning on camping at Nebraska and at Texas A&M. I am also planning on going to the camp at TCU, the Nike combine."

Borens says that his biggest strength isn't his speed, power or his ability to haul in receptions. "I would say that my vision is my biggest strength and how I can break tackles."

Despite having a 220 pound benchpress, a 405 pound squat, 210 pound hang-clean and a 4.49/40; Borens would like to get stronger and faster this summer. "I want to get stronger. I am going to try and increase my yards per carry and looking to improve my yards after contact."

Like Turner, Borens is also a standout at another sport. He is currently running at track and would like to explore his options of possibly running track in college as well as playing football.

"I am in track right now. I run the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x200m. My best 100m time is a 10.5. I run the fourth leg in the 4x100m and my best time in the 200m is a 22.3. I am interested in running track in college, but not as much as football. If I can then I will."

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