Focus '06: Kirkwood Quartet, Part One

<p>"I have three guys that I know have the ability to play on the defensive one level in WR/CB Jeremy Maclin, TE/DE Michael McNeil, and DE Willie Dyson," said head coach Larry Frost. "I may have a fourth guy in RB/OLB Josh Jones, but he is going to have to show it this fall." Read on further to get the in-depth report on four Kirkwood prospects hoping to make their way to a school near you.

Maclin First to Receive Offer
Standing at 6'0 and weighing in at 175 pounds, it is Maclin's blazing speed (4.4) and ability to change directions that has helped make him one of the premier prospects in Missouri this upcoming fall.

Talented enough that the home state Missouri Tigers decided to extend a scholarship offer.

"Missouri offered Jeremy a few weeks back. I've also spoken to coaches from Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Iowa, and Kansas State about him. He is probably better suited at wide receiver, but he also gives you the option to play him at either cornerback or free safety," stated Frost.

"He can take the ball the whole distance. He can make people miss, and he has great hands. He is the type of guy you want carrying your team as he is a leader."

Coach Frost coached 2005 Oregon Duck signee Jarius Byrd as a junior. He compared the two prospects.

"Looking at top end speed, Maclin would beat Jarius, although, Jarius is quicker in the first ten yards. Jeremy changes directions better, and is more fluid. He doesn't make the big hits as well as Clayton, though," examined Frost.

Maclin easily had one of the top years in the St. Louis area catching 58 receptions for 1184 yards and 18 touchdowns. He also recorded 3 rushing touchdowns in totaling 206 yards on 22 carries. On defense, Maclin tallied 59 tackles (39 solo), six interceptions, and one fumble recovery at safety.

This coming fall, Maclin will take over for departed Matt Krapfl at the quarterback position putting the ball in his hands at all times.

McNeil Offers Versatility
Michael McNeil might be the most intriguing prospect on the Kirkwood roster with his size and overall athleticism. That has left the door open as to which position in college he will play.

"He can catch the ball real well, and move with it," said head coach Larry Frost. "He really works hard, and he has a lot of versatility with size and athleticism."

"He is probably the hardest worker off the field out of the group, and he really gets after it in the classroom. Schools will have the luxury of knowing if he doesn't work out at one position that he can certainly play on the other side of the ball, if needed."

As a junior, McNeil caught 44 passes for 806 yards and six touchdowns.

No Quit in Willie Dyson
Perhaps the most talented prospect on the roster, Willie Dyson had a marvelous year in 2004.

Tallying 130 tackles (87 solo) and 10 sacks, Dyson proved to be quite the physical specimen.

"There is not one ounce of fat on him," said head coach Larry Frost. "His motor runs all the time, and teams have a hard time running away from him. He is great in pursuit."

"It really going to be up to the school on how they use their defensive ends, and if they play a 4-3 or 3-4. Willie is a down pass rusher, for sure, but he is never going to be in the 270 range, in my opinion. He'll be at around 250, but he'll move as exceptionally well as anyone bigger than him."

Dyson likely would already have offers, but still has work to make up in the classroom.

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