Focus '06: Kirkwood Quartet, Part Two

In part two of's feature on the 2005 Kirkwood Quartet, I examine the potential of RB/OLB Josh Jones, as well, as pick Coach Frost's mind on what seperates each of these individuals from the rest of the group.......

Jones Could Become Fourth Guy
As Coach Frost alluded to in the first update, he expects a potential fourth division one signee in the Class of 2006 to come from Kirkwood.

That is RB/OLB Josh Jones, who saw limited action on offense in 2004, but will receive a much larger opporunity in 2005.

"Josh is going to have a chance to break out this fall as our featured back," said head coach Larry Frost. "He can make the cut against the grain so smoothly, and he remains in high gear at all times. He runs very well, and is another guy that could be looked upon on both sides of the ball."

As a junior, Jones rushed for 226 yards and five touchdowns on 37 carries. Also caught three receptions for 60 yards. On defense, tallied 70 tackles (49 solo), four sacks, and one fumble recovery.

Frost Selects Player That Best Fits Category Description

Workout Warrior: "I'd give that to Willie Dyson as he is working out all the time. He even has his own personal trainer."

Best Athlete: "It real depends on what you're looking for, but if I'm a college coach, Michael McNeil might be the most intriguing to me because of his upside on each side of the ball."

Most Personable: "All of these kids are very personable, and they are good kids. To me, they all have great personalities."

Most Likely to Exceed Beyond Football: "Without a problem, I'd have to give that to Mike for what he has done thus far. Certainly, all the others know they have ability, but now they need to show it."

Academics Could Play Major Factor:
All four Kirkwood prospects have been encouraged by Coach Frost to take the ACT this spring, but first, a few will need to improve their academic situation.

"Michael, once again, is fine with around a 3.0 GPA," stated Frost. "Jeremy and Josh are sitting fine with a 2.5 and 2.6, respectively, but both can do better. Willie is the area that needs the most work as he is only at a 2.1, but he knows what he has to do in order to become qualified, and I expect him to do it."

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