Bean brings speed to the table

If you can proudly pound your chest and say that you are the best at anything in Texas then that is saying something. Now, to say that you are the fastest running back in Texas then that is really saying something. This running back who hails from the Dallas metro area might just be able to do just that.

It used to be 4.5 times were hard to come by. Granted, these are claimed times, but to come out and say that you run a 4.3 and can back up by saying you run a 10.19 100m, well that is saying something.

The name Donte Bean isn't on everyone's mind, yet. But, it's obvious that the recruiting attention is picking up for Bean who could be the fastest running back in the state of Texas.

"I know that I rushed for 900 yards, but I'm not sure what my total yards were. I am not sure how many touchdowns I had. I was second team all-district," Bean said.

"I don't have any offers yet. I am getting interest from Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Clemson, Arkansas, Baylor and Nebraska. I am most interested in Texas A&M right now and Arkansas."

Bean mentioned that he was impressed with Texas A&M's season last year and that he had just returned from a visit from Arkansas this past weekend. He also visited Texas A&M last year.

Last year Bean took in the Nike camp at LSU and posted a very nice 40 time. "I went to the Nike camp at LSU last year. I did well. I think that I ran a 4.4 last year at camp."

"I don't know if I will be attending any camps this summer because of baseball. I am going to go to the Nike combine at TCU and if I am able to I will look at Texas, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma State for their camps."

Bean is probably a better football prospect than baseball prospect, but he still put together a very good year last year. "I play centerfield in baseball. I bat leadoff. I led the team in stolen bases last year, but I didn't win any honors last year."

If you notice, stealing bases or speed is his biggest strength in baseball. That helps him on the football field too. "I would say that breaking tackles is my biggest strength. I am hard to bring down and I am fast. I like running to the outside the most playing running back."

Despite a 4.3/40 now, the standout from Garland (Texas) North is looking to improve his speed this summer of all things. "I want to get a stronger upper body and get faster. I just want to get faster. You have to improve everything."

Bean is a standout at North running track as well. As we mentioned earlier, he may be the fastest running back in the state this year. The 5-foot-9 and 180 pound Bean says that he can run a 4.3. He also can bench 220, squat 450 and hang clean 220.

"I run track. I do the 100m, 4x100m and 4x200m. In the 100m I ran a 10.19 last year. I ran that in district, that wasn't wind aided. I came in second place because the other guy ran a 10.18."

Bean is hearing from Nebraska, but nothing more than form letters. "Yeah, I am getting mail from Nebraska. It's a good school. They have a cold climate, I know that. I haven't really watched them play on TV."

As far as considering Nebraska, it may be a little too far away for Bean. "Distance is a pretty big thing for me. I want to stay kind of close so my parents can come to all of the games. Nebraska may be a little too far away."

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