Who Ranks At The Top For Nebraska?

Nebraska is currently going through the process of evaluating talent and dishing out offers. One individual who already holds an offer from the Cornhuskers has been listed as not only one of the top prospects at his position, but overall according to the coaching staff. Just who is this highly-regarded athlete and how does he feel about the attitude towards him?

Carl Johnson is big-time.  Not just in stature, but in potential as well.  He's already racked up offers from schools such as USC, Tennessee, Miami and Florida State, not to mention Nebraska.  Johnson has been busy with track as of late participating in the shot put, discus and big man relay, but he and his father have chatted with Nebraska a bit thus far.  "I talked to them earlier in the year, about week before they sent the offer.  I spoke with Coach Callahan on the phone.  They called my dad but we've been so busy we haven't had time to return the calls," said Carl. 

Johnson mentioned that the Nebraska staff has spoken with his father quite a bit getting to know him as a parent and even said that the Cornhuskers have told the Johnson family that Carl sits as one of the top offensive line prospects on their board, not to mention as one of the top recruits overall.  Johnson is definitely excited about the prospect, but doesn't let his head get too big over the attention.  "It's a reason for me to work harder because there's people who see you as the best and people can try to knock you off your game.  My goal is not to be the best lineman but the best recruit," he said. 

As far as visiting Nebraska, Johnson still plans to attempt a visit multiple times, but wants to make sure he can take in all of what NU has to offer.  "I'm going to come up once or twice for a game.  My dad and I are looking into that right now. We're just trying to find a good time when we don't have to rush," he said.  Carl currently doesn't claim any leaders and said he plans on attending a Nike Camp and a Shrine Bowl Combine for his camping experiences. 

Possibly coming to Nebraska, Carl has the potential to work within an offense and, indeed a system, entrenched in NFL values and workmanship.  We brought up the topic with Carl to see how he'd respond to such a system.  "I really don't know because I've never really been around a true NFL offense.  It excites me and it's kind of scary because you don't want to go and make a bad impression.  I'm kind of hesitant because you really don't know what to do but once I learn it I'd be good to go," said Johnson. 

We also spoke with Carl about what attracts him to Nebraska the most.  It came down to what NU has done in the past and the people the university surrounds itself with.  "I absolutely love their tradition.  The impression I get is that they love their offensive and defensive lineman. Other schools really pump up the quarterback, runningbacks or wide receivers.  The fans out there love football.  They live it, breathe it, sleep it, eat it," said Johnson.  We'll continue to follow this quite literal monumental talent as he continues on towards his senior campaign.

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