Huskers eyeing OT from Klein, Texas

The search is hot for offensive tackles that have the ability to step onto the field and play immediately. There may be one in Klein, Texas that is relatively an unknown, but only to the recruiting world. Colleges know all about him. In fact, he is already holding five very nice offers.

Sometimes Texas is big enough for someone like Christopher Stewart to go unnoticed for a while. The state is just that big. It all catches up quick though and the attention that a 6-foot-6 and 340 pound offensive tackle deserves is coming.

Stewart is too big to hide and has received five offers already and is receiving mail from some of the nation's top programs. "I have five offers at the moment. I have offers from Texas A&M, Texas, Notre Dame, Texas Tech and Vanderbilt. Basically all of the teams that I am getting letters from seem interested enough to offer. I just get a big, huge stack of letters everyday."

"I am getting a lot of letters from LSU, Miami, Arkansas, Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Iowa and all over. Right now I have the most interest in all of the teams that have offered me. I am going to look at those a little heavier than the others. I am just evaluating most of the top programs around the nation right now."

"Beyond those that have offered that I am evaluating are LSU, Miami, USC, Oklahoma, Washington, Arizona, Tennessee and really the whole SEC."

Stewart's size is enough to deserve attention; it's his talent that seals the deal. He still runs a 5.3/40, bench presses nearly 400 pounds, squats 460 and hang cleans 290. He isn't sure what his official stats were last season, but he tried to count them a little bit.

"They don't keep stats for the offensive line, but for every other position they do. I kind of tried to keep count per game and I think that I had about five to six pancakes per game and about 60 on the year. In our offense we actually switch from side to side, we play strong side and weak side of the line. I am basically the strong side guy, I guess you could say."

Stewart is eyeing some camps this summer after not attending any last summer. "I didn't go to any camps last year. I played basketball throughout the entire summer. I really didn't get much time to go to a camp. I haven't really finalized any plans this summer. I am looking at possibly going to a Notre Dame or Miami camp. I will also go to an Oklahoma camp possibly."

Stewart will not have any problems getting qualified. He is already carrying over a 4.0 on a weighted scale and is taking college prep courses. "I carry a 4.9212. It's a weighted 4.0 scale. I take the SAT this weekend. I have already one AP class completed and I am taking two more AP classes that I will test for this year."

His intelligence that he displays in the classroom helps him on the field as well. "I would say my intelligence for one. You need intelligence to play offensive line. There is no such thing as a good, dumb offensive line player. You have to have some ruthlessness too to play offensive line. I take pride in my job in planting some people in the ground. Not many people or other positions get that type of opportunity other than offensive line. My overall strength and my quick feet are also my strengths. I am a larger guy and can still move quickly."

While Stewart is a pretty polished offensive tackle prospect he is still trying to improve himself in the off-season to be totally dominant this fall for his senior year. "Mostly my feet; I am pretty quick, but I would like to be even quicker. That way a defensive tackle or a defensive end would think twice about what moves to use."

Stewart mentioned that he is doing a lot of research right now on some of the nation's top programs and conferences. One school that has been mailing Stewart and he is researching is Nebraska. "I have been getting some mail from them. I haven't been in contact with them personally with the coaches. I am interested in them. The Big 12 is big-time. This Big 12 is basically a home conference for me."

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