Huskers offer big DT from Colorado

One of the best two way lineman in the state of Colorado hails from Fort Morgan. Physically, he is a force. He is an active defensive tackle that loves to sack the quarterback as much as he likes to make the tackle 50 yards down field saving a touchdown. Three teams have already stepped up to offer, but a lot should be soon to follow.

While his name hasn't been "out there", the best programs in the nation know about Seth Jensen. Jensen is a 6-foot-5 and 280 pound defensive tackle who had a great season last year and has already reeled in some serious offers.

"Our school doesn't keep offensive line stats. I had about 70 tackles and two and a half sacks. I maybe allowed one or two sacks all season," Jensen said.

"I made all-state honorable menation and all-conference for defensive tackle. I didn't make any honors on offense that I am aware of."

Jensen suffered a serious injury his sophomore year and only played part of the season before having season ending surgery. "My sophomore year I only played three games before I broke the tip of my elbow. I was out of the season on that."

"I hurt my arm pitching in baseball and it was my growth plate in my elbow. Just one game I went to tackle the running back, broke, passed out in mid-air, woke up and they said that my season was done. I had surgery and was in rehab for four months."

Despite a shortened sophomore year he played well enough last season to already have three offers extended to him. "I have three offers. I have offers from Colorado State, Colorado and Nebraska. The Colorado State offer was one of the ones that I was hoping for. I was pretty excited about that. Colorado was the first to offer me. The day that seniors sign their letter of intent I called them and Coach Barnett offered me right there."

"The Nebraska offer was actually kind of a shock. I talked to my recruiting coach, Coach Gilmore, and they were just kind of trying to get to know me. They got my film and watched it. He went to the board for their scholarships, he recommended me, the whole coaching staff watched my film and they offered me a full ride. They sent me an official letter saying that I had a full-ride."

While he is only holding three offers it seems that more are certain to come considering the interest in the form of mail that he is receiving. "I am getting some mail from Columbia, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Purdue, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, and Oregon has been sending me a lot of letters. It's informational type letters, but they are addressed to me."

While it is very early in the process, Jensen said that the schools he is most interested in are, "Besides the three offers I would have to say Oklahoma and Oregon. Those are the two schools that have been in the most contact with me."

Jensen has some things that he is keying on when it comes to picking a college to attend. "I am looking at their academics, academic history along with what position they offer me for. When it comes down to it and they have a good school program, the coaches that I have spoke to say that I am being recruited for one position but have the chance to move to the other position and I respect that."

Jensen is a stand out for Fort Morgan High School on both sides of the ball, but really likes playing one side over the other. When it all comes down to playing college football though, he is looking at the bigger picture.

"I prefer defense. What don't I like about playing defense? I love playing defense. The thrill of laying out that quarterback or catching a running back off-guard and hearing the crowd erupt is one of my favorite things. I just love playing defense."

"I don't look at being recruiting by a school for offense negatively. I was ecstatic to hear that they want me to play defense. Nebraska is recruiting me for defense too. Colorado is actually recruiting me for offense, but they told me that they would give me a shot at defense too. When I get offered that full-ride I get the chance that thousands of other kids don't get. I get my education paid for five years, I walk out debt free from college and playing for a division one school you really can't complain about what position you are playing."

It's easy on paper to see what Seth's strengths might be. But, you might just need to see him in action to realize what his biggest strength is, his relentlessness on a play. "My strengths are my height and my speed. I am faster than most linemen, I have been told. Probably just straight out brute strength too."

"I got some of my tackles using swim moves or bull rushing a guy. A lot of my tackles came from not getting to the play initially, but I would pursue the play down the field."

Despite pulling in offers so early and getting schools to show interest he is focused on making himself a better player. "There are always things to get better at like speed, strength and overall skill level. I am going to work on all of those things this summer."

Jensen attended the Colorado and Colorado State camps last year, but is planning a much busier spring and summer this year. "I am going to go to Nebraska, Colorado State, Colorado, and maybe Oklahoma. I am going to be there for the spring game. I will be there the Friday before on April 15 and watch the game on Saturday."

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