Stud Colorado OL Poised With NU Offer

If there's one position that's vital to any offense's success, it's the offensive linemen. Without the big horses up front, you can have great prospects in the backfield, but you won't go anywhere. Nebraska has appears to identify another great prospect out of the state of Colorado. What does this prospect think of Nebraska and the other schools that have offered thus far?

Greg Banks is a big man already and has plenty of room to grow.  Standing 6' 5" and weighing in at 260 pounds, he runs a sub 4.8 40 yard dash.  He bench presses 285 pounds, squats 525 pounds and cleans 290 pounds while holding a 2.9 GPA in the classroom.  The Denver, Colorado native was named Second Team All-City and currently holds offers from Nebraska, Colorado, UCLA and Iowa State.  He is also being shown interest from Texas, Syracuse, Kansas State, Columbia, Brown and Oklahoma.  He cites his favorite schools within the Big XII as Colorado, Texas and Oklahoma, but mentioned that he has made no decision on keeping someone out of the picture.  He plans to camp at Iowa State having camped at Nebraska last year which is where he garnered the attention from the Cornhuskers.  He cites his strengths as his speed and blocking ability.


Banks has a passion for life; it's quite obvious when you chat with him for any length of time.  Growing up in Colorado, he was always one to root for the home-state team.  "I was born here, so I was a Buff fan growing the way up.  First and foremost, I'm a football fan then a CU fan then a Big XII fan.  I don't want to go to any other conference because that's my conference and I just don't want to be in any other," he said.  Having narrowed down the field of prospective schools considerably with that statement alone, a school has apparently jumped out in front of the others to get Banks' interest: Nebraska.  "That was my first one.  I was amazed when I went down to the camp I was the one they wanted out of my old teammates.  We went down there 25 deep and I was the person they wanted most.  I like Nebraska, I was grateful it was a blessing," Banks said of the offer.

Greg is currently filtering his offers and determining just where he wants to take visits to.  He feels Nebraska definitely deserves consideration.  "Nebraska's definitely a place to come and visit.  That would be one of my five officials," he said.  Banks made it clear that Nebraska hasn't taken his recruitment lying down, either in terms of how much contact he has received.  "Oh, plenty, lots.  I called them finally, I just now got some time because I was passing classes so I called them and I was getting hand written letters from every coach and administration, staff and school.  I take that to heart," he said.  Banks said that there wasn't really one Nebraska coach that stuck out as his primary recruiter.  "At the camp, Coach Blake was on me something serious, he loves me, I dig that, you know and I respect that.  I respect the whole coaching staff because they've got strength behind them.  I really can't choose out of the coaches, they're all great coaches and I can't single one out, even the head coach.  They've got a good family there and they're building it up," said Banks. 

When asked about how he gauged himself in accordance with the other players across the nation, Banks said, "I don't think I'm the greatest player because I don't have a big head like that, but I've got ambition to be the best."  We were also able to chat a bit about some of the major factors in his final collegiate decision.  "As far as playing time I was starting as a freshman (in high school), I need to get a feel for the game.  I need to get some time, I need more size to play on the line.  I understand if they redshirt me my freshman year, I'm okay if I need to buff up, I just want to be on the sideline with my team because I'm all about supporting.  As far as location, the Big XII is my location.  Also, as far as coaching, it's more coaching prestige, not just the head coaches, all the coaches.  I don't want coaches who don't know what they're doing, not just a championship, but to help all of the players from top to bottom grow," he said.

When looking at Nebraska specifically, it becomes obvious that the Cornhuskers may very well be a top contender for this young man's services.  "They're a great school.  For a first year coach coming in doing what they did and the administrative staff, that's great, that's good.  The Big XII, they're making the turn for it.  Nebraska's a big part of the Big XII.  To show that there are people in the Midwest who can play football, people think that we've got no players.  I've been in their facilities, I'm a big fan of their crowd, I'm not scared of people, I love their crowd.  That shows respect for the football team and shows Nebraska spirit.  I like the coaches, I like the way the locker room's set up, the coaches are nice, and they've never shown me disrespect," said Banks.  One thing is certainly clear: This young man's recruitment is going to be anything but boring.

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