NU extends offer to 2,000 yard back from the east

Almost 4,000 yards over the last two years, running back Brandon Minor has cemented himself as statistically, one of the country's best. A slick, but physical back, punishing, yet slippery at the same time, it's not just the numbers that are drawing schools to Varina high school and that number seems to be growing by the day.

When you aren't a big name in town and perhaps play in a state that is used to having a lot of big names, your goals can sometimes reflect the feeling towards that anonymity.


After rushing for over 2,000 yards last year, scoring 30 times and over 1,700 yards the year before, scoring over 20, Varina high school's, Brandon Minor is anonymous no longer.


Michigan, N.C. State, Penn State, Nebraska, Tennessee and Florida are just some of the schools that have already offered Minor in writing and as Minor himself stated, that's looking like a list that's going to grow. "I know a lot of schools have been showing a lot of interest like Miami (FL)," Minor said. "It sounds like they are going to offer along with some other teams."


That's already a dream realized for Minor, because when he realized that he could play this game at such a high level, his aspirations have grown for the future, almost exponentially with the yards he's putting up. But, when it comes to immediate goals, he's shifted his mind-set a bit. "It's about winning," Brandon said. "We almost got a state title last year and that is all that matters this year. This year, my goal is to make everyone around me better."


Minor had done what he set out to do and all before his senior-year was even upon him, so while he is still looking at colleges with a firm individual state of mind, his focus for the rest of this year is on taking his team all the way, no matter what it takes.


"I don't care what I have to do, because I will run people over, around them or whatever, I just want us to get to that state title game and win," Minor said. "I'm one of the main guys everyone will be looking to, so it's up to me to do my part and whatever else I have to do so we can win all of our games."


He's determined, no doubt about that. And, Brandon would say that his style is reflective of that, zeroed in on where he has to go and who he has to beat to get there. With a style that has been considered reminiscent of all-pro running back Eric Dickerson, Brandon says he combines grace with a physical style that will fool you and punish you if you take it too lightly. "Oh, I'll run you right over if you get in my way," he said. "I know they say that I run like him (Dickerson), but I look at myself as someone that will flatten you first and once you get used to that and start ducking your head, THEN, I am going around."


The versatility of his game isn't limited to what he can do toting the ball, but receiving and even stopping receptions is something Minor isn't shabby at as well. Over the last two years, Brandon has only caught 13 balls, but he's scored on almost a third of those, taking four in for scores.


On defense, Brandon didn't see much time, but when depth considerations forced him to play four games at safety, all Minor did was grab two interceptions during that time.


When you look at his almost 6 foot, 2 inch frame and 215 pounds, you can see why some of those schools that have offered him are looking at him to play either side. Brandon likes the compliment on his versatility, but as to his position, his mind is fairly made up. "I want to be a running back," he said. "I'm looking to the future, a school that runs the kind of offense I like and some place that I think has a shot at a national title while I am there."


"Plus, you can't help but look at the NFL and that's going to have some part in where I choose to go."


Of his childhood favorites, one has already offered, that being the Michigan Wolverines. Miami, the other one, it would appear they are on their way. That's great news for Minor, but he said that even if every team he ‘s ever liked offers him, he's not ready to rule any team out of this process that he plans on taking all the way to the end.


"Just because I grew up loving a team doesn't mean that's the best team for me at the time," Brandon said. "You have to look at where the team is, where the depth chart is, what the coaches are like, what the academics are like and if they hit all those, that makes them a great team for me. But, I won't know most of that until I am probably done with my senior year, so I have a lot of time look around."


Minor is looking, but he's at least for now, not planning on any traveling anytime soon. No camps, no unofficial visits, basically nothing that takes him away from the one thing he cares most about right now. "It's never too early to think about what we have to do to win a title this year," Minor said. "If I need to get stronger, I'll get stronger. If I need to get faster, that's what I will do."


"I hate every single team we have to play this year already, because they are in our way of what we want to do. I am using that to help me help the entire team."


"I want to go out a champion."

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