Son Of Ex-Husker Picking Up Interest

One thing that Nebraska takes a lot of pride in is its legacy. It may very well turn that way once again when it comes to recruiting battles in 2005-2006 as the son of a former Cornhuskers has shown up on the radar as a very capable prospect. Is he a lock for the Big Red or will it take more than a linage to pull him into Lincoln?

Mike Costanzo is built as solid as they come.  Standing 6' 3" and weighing in at 295 pounds, the multi-purpose lineman out of Danville, California looks to have at least the size for a few positions.  He runs a 5.2 40 yard dash, benches 315 pounds, squats 475 pounds and cleans 280 pounds.  He carries a 2.8 GPA in the classroom, as well.  Costanzo played at the left tackle, defensive end and defensive tackle slots this past year racking up 65 pancakes, 13 sacks, 70 tackles and 18 tackles for loss.  As a sophomore he was named All-Star and All-League while as a Junior, he was named All-League both ways, All-State, All-Bay Area and All-Metro amongst other honors.  He currently holds interest in Cal, USC, Nebraska, UCLA, Oregon and Texas with USC and Cal holding the current favorite positions.  He plans to attend the May 21st Nike Camp and cites his strong points as his good feet, power off the ball and his shuttle run capabilities.

The son of former Nebraska Cornhusker Rich Costanzo, Mike has seen a lot about the University of Nebraska over his years.  He was certainly a fan growing up.  "I just grew up feeling like a Cornhusker fan," he said.  Mike said that he still feels that way ever since his father played and won a national championship.  Certainly having a father playing at Nebraska, one has to wonder about the affects it might have on his eventual decision.  "It affects me in a way where I have a lot of information about Nebraska so in a way it's a good thing and it's a bad thing, because nothing can be a surprise but it's definitely good to have someone who went through the program," he said.

Mike has followed NU pretty diligently and has paid attention to the changes brought by head coach Bill Callahan and his staff.  "I know they're rebuilding right now so they should be back on top pretty soon. The West Coast Offense should convert to their style of play.  They ran the option forever.  It's a new thing so it'll take time to fix but hopefully they can play well," he said.  The letters have begun to arrive at the Costanzo household as Mike said he's currently getting bundles of letters from various coaches across the country. 

We also spoke about some of the big factors going into his collegiate decision.  "Obviously my parents are going to have a big impact but in the end it's going to be my choice.  I want to win national championships somewhere so I want to find a school that can bring me to that but more so academics are going to be a big point because I want to come out getting a job in business.  I want to do something with knowing how to own my own business and being an entrepreneur," he said.

Living in California with close proximity to several big name colleges, Mike already has some unofficial trips picked out.  "I'll probably take unofficials to USC, UCLA and California.  I'm going to check out spring practices because California's right down the street.  I don't think I'd be able to make an unofficial to Nebraska, I might take an official there possibly but I'd have to wait for that," he said.

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