Perrilloux's top target now a top target himself

There's some withdraw symptoms down in Louisiana. What's good for the LSU Tigers is one of the biggest losses that East St. John high school has to endure. Yes, the former home of Ryan Perrilloux still has the wideouts that helped Perrilloux to become a household name, but now, they have to go it with someone new. There's one receiver, though, that doesn't plan on missing a beat.

Ricky Dixon might be the saddest person this year at East St. John high school in Reserve, Louisiana. Racking up almost 1,300 yards receiving on not even 70 catches, the junior wide receiver didn't hesitate at benefiting from the ability of one, Ryan Perrilloux.


Averaging over 20 yards a catch, however, one might hearken back to the arguments of the old San Francisco 49ers, one person saying that it was Jerry Rice that made Joe Montana and some would say it was the other way around.


Ricky isn't lamenting over the loss of their star player, because Perrilloux's infamous confidence wasn't solely his own. "We all had confidence that we could win every game," Ricky said. "Yeah, Ryan was confident, but we were to and it just kind of fed the entire team."


Ricky's confidence wasn't hurt by the fact that he had one of the best quarterbacks in the country throwing him balls, but most of the confidence this 6 foot, 3 inch, 210 pound receiver had was pure and simply from knowing what he could do once he had it in his hands. "There wasn't much I couldn't do out there," he said. "If someone played me tight, I was physical enough to beat them off the line and get open. If they played me soft, I could get the slant all day, but sometimes we just faked that and went over the top."


"Plus, if I got double-teamed, our other wide receiver (Louis Lee) would get them and he had like 1,100 yards after the year was done anyway."


There's going to be a lot of talk about what Ricky is going to do at the wideout position, but there's a chance that nobody will ever know. While there is a QB transfer to St. John to replace Perrilloux, there's a good chance that Dixon could be the next gun-slinger for the Wildcats. That's all well and good for Ricky, but he's hoping that the new guy works out. "I'll do it if I have to, but I know I am playing wide receiver in college," Ricky said. "We'll see where we are at after Spring and I'll know what I will be doing."


No matter what that is, Ricky will bring one thing to the position that could be a by-product of his confidence and of course, his stats from his prior experience. It's that mind-set that some actually chided Ryan Perrilloux for having in abundance. It's not so much an arrogance, but an attitude that if it's you and me, it won't be you for much longer.


"As a wide receiver, you have to have that kind of confidence," Ricky said. "It's my ball. That's how I see it. And, it's up to you to try and get it from me and I'm not going to let that happen."


"If I know the ball is coming to me, you aren't going to get it. That's my ball and that's that."


The stats, the confidence and the short-term future has made Ricky perhaps the best prospect in the entire state of Louisiana. The combination of his size, speed and ability to make plays after the catch, he's been receiving an expected amount of attention.


It's not quite Ryan Perrlloux-like in scope, but one would have to be pretty picky to discount the likes of Florida, LSU, Auburn, Florida State, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Auburn, Tennessee and Nebraska, all having offered according to Dixon.


Most people aren't looking at any of those teams other than one, however, as the eventual home to Dixon, because as far as anyone within the state of Louisiana is concerned, where Dixon ends up is already a foregone conclusion. "Everyone thinks I am going to LSU to play with Ryan," Ricky said. "I'd like it and it would be great to play with him again, but I'm not ready to say for sure who is and isn't on my list. LSU is there, definitely, but so are a lot of other schools."


That list is going to grow and continue to grow as the off-season continues. And, while Ricky isn't looking to have a list of twenty-plus around December, he knows his decision won't come until very late in the process. And, he isn't sure what teams he likes right now, if any, but he's got one little bit of criteria that he'd ideally like to adhere to if possible. "I just don't want to go where it's cold," Dixon said. "I want to get to the NFL and I know you don't have a choice there, so it's not a huge deal, but it'd be nice not to play where it's really cold."


Seems simple enough and most of his list would still find themselves feeling comfortable about where they sit right now, but what about the Nebraskas and Kansas States of the world? Are they out even before the recruiting battle has begun? "No, no, I'm not going to knock out anyone because of that," he said. "You go where you end up feeling the most comfortable and where it fits you best, so it might be some place where it gets cold sometimes. I'd just like it if it wasn't."


"Everyone is in the mix right now."


No matter what Dixon decides or when, he's probably going to have his choice of where he wants to go. Possibly one of the hottest receiver prospects in the entire country, Dixon will hunted and hounded by the country's best. It's funny when you talk to Dixon about what he thinks that is, because he doesn't look at what a team did before he got there, rather what they can do after he's arrived.


"If you go to USC after they win a national title, that's not promise they are going to win another while you are there," he said. "You have to look at who's coming back, your opportunity to play early and other stuff. I want to go to a team that has a good chance to win, but I want to be on the field when it happens."


About the only question now for Dixon isn't how good of a receiver he can be. He's already proven that. Now, it's about whether he's going to play receiver at all. The final decision on that could go a long ways into determining just how "hot" he's going to be.  

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