Huskers looking South for tight end

When you look for a tight end you want the height, the athleticism and the hands. One of the more under-rated functions of the tight end though may be the most important: a blocker. If you have a tight end that is a great blocker and a good pass-catcher then you have the total package. This tight end that is growing up deep in the heart of Texas could be just that.

Don't look for the name of Kyle Adams on any leaders lists in the state of Texas last year for receptions, yards, yards per catch, touchdowns, etc. What he brings to the table is potential and a tenacity that you appreciate of your tight ends to block.

The 6-foot-5 and 230 pound Adams hails from Westlake in Austin, Texas. He did haul in some passes last year and score a touchdown, but some of his best stats go un-tracked for tight ends at his school. He will also find himself used a little more as a receiver.

"I had 4 receptions, 55 yards and a touchdown. Austin Westlake doesn't throw it that much," Adams said. "I love blocking, that is one of my strengths. We don't keep track of grading out for tight ends. William Ball and I split time as tight ends last year. This year he is moving to wide receiver and I will be the primary tight end."

Despite the low numbers he hauled in some honors last season and is getting some early looks from some of the more highly thought of academic institutions in college football.

"I was all-district honorable mention as a tight end. No sir, I don't have any offers yet. I am getting interest from Yale, Princeton, and Northwestern. That's about it right now. I have gotten hand-written letters from Yale and my father has spoken to Northwestern."

Adams doesn't have the scope narrowed to a particular list, but he does like the schools that are currently showing interest in him and one other. He knows that this is just the beginning of where the interest starts and there will be other schools that come in later this spring especially after camps.

"Those schools are the schools (previously mentioned) that I am most interested in and Stanford. I would go to any real good school that would offer me. I am looking at the academics and that would certainly be an advantage to me."

"I went to two camps last year. I really don't know what camps I would go to this summer. Out of the schools that I gave you those would be the schools that I would like to go to their camp. Recruiting kind of picks up through the spring so that might change."

While he is keeping an open ear to other schools that will start to show interest; he has a list of things that he is looking at when it comes to picking out a prospective school, but distance won't be an issue.

"Obviously I will look at how a school uses their tight end. I will look at the football program. I will also look to see if it is a good academic school."

"Distance isn't really a big thing. I am originally from the Boston area. I moved down here when I was eight."

When you look at Adams on paper you see match up problems in the secondary. You see the ability to stretch the field with him a little bit too. But what you don't see is what he claims is his biggest strength.

"I would say that blocking is my biggest strength and I am big. I can catch real well too. I was used primarily as a blocking tight end this past season, but I caught all of the passes they threw to me."

Adams is working through the spring, track and this summer to improve himself for football. "I want to improve my 40 time. It's not bad, but I would like to lower it some."

"I do run hurdles and throw the shot put and discus too. I honestly don't know what my best time is in the 300m hurdles. I run them to get faster for football. I think that it is like a 50-flat. My best shot is 46-feet. I throw the discus 136-feet."

While Nebraska wasn't mentioned with the regular schools mailing Adams or as a school that he has a lot of interest in right now, they are mailing him. "I know that they have a real good football program and they like to use the tight end. If Nebraska recruited me I would go there real fast. I have got mail from them, but it has been pretty generic."

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