Big Texas OT already holding an offer

People see the number next to the letter when it comes to the class of football and see "3A" and dismiss most players. That's unless you hail from Texas. That is also unless you are a 6-foot-6 and 260 pound offensive tackle and that despite a broken hand last year you still managed to win first team all-district honors.

Most players when they suffered an injury like a broken hand might have packed it in and said get ready for next year or basketball. Not Tyler Duggins. He taped it up and played on.

Well, maybe not tape, but a cast. Nevertheless, he played the entire year with a broken hand and in a cast. He also played offensive tackle where it is imperative that you be able to use your hands.

"We don't track offensive line stats really. There wouldn't have been many sacks I allowed even with a broken hand. I think that I only allowed one actually," Duggins said.

While he played all season with the hand he was unable to do any upper-body lifting all season and then he went straight into basketball. The 6-foot-6 and 260 pound Duggins said he used to be a bit heavier.

"When I went down to TCU I weighed in at 260. I have been playing basketball and I am a little down right now. I may have been a little higher than that during football."

"I haven't actually done any lifting recently. The very first game of the season I broke my hand and I went right into basketball. I played with a cast in football. I did leg workouts and stuff like that."

Despite being down on weight and only one good hand, Duggins brought in some very nice awards this past year. "I won first team all-district, all-West Texas Team and all-Red River 22. That is done by the Wichita Falls newspaper."

Duggins has shown at least one school enough to pull in an offer and a couple of other schools may be close to pulling the trigger and offering the standout from Iowa Park (Texas). "I have an offer from TCU already. Iowa has been sending me a whole bunch of stuff. So has Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. I am interested in TCU, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech."

Given that the schools that Duggins lists are closer to him than most other schools is distance a huge issue with him picking a school? "Honestly it's not the biggest priority, but I would like to stay close. That way all of my friends and family could come and watch me play."

While distance isn't a main concern, a smaller student to professor ratio might be. He noted that he has found that quality at one school on his list. "One of the reasons I like TCU so much is how their classes are so small and how well their academic are. When you go to class you will have more one on one time with the professor. That's a big thing."

Last year Duggins did take in a camp, but didn't earn an offer or get a lot of attention after that camp. "I went to Oklahoma's camp, but that is it. I did really well. They didn't do any awards system, but I think that I did real well. I'm not really getting a lot of stuff from Oklahoma."

This summer may not allow Tyler a lot of opportunities to get out and go to a camp. As of this moment, Duggins is really undecided with how he will spend his summer and camping. "I don't have any camps planned at the moment. I was thinking about going to Texas Tech. I am not real sure."

When it comes to talking about his biggest strength that was easy for Duggins to name. For everyone else who has read about how he only had one good hand all year and yet only allowed one sack; one has to think that he has to have very good feet.

"I actually have real good footwork. My feet are real quick. I get off the ball and off the line real well. I think that I have about a 5.0 or 5.1 40-yard dash time too."

This summer Duggins is planning on making up for lost time and trying to get back some strength that he lost due to the injury and put on some size. "It would be my strength, definitely. It's mostly because of the setback from my injury. My legs are plenty strong. It's just that I have to get my upper-body caught up with my legs."

Duggins isn't hearing a lot about Nebraska, but had this to say about what he is thinking about the changes in Lincoln and if Nebraska were to show interest, "I like the new system that Coach Callahan brought in at Nebraska. I just seems a little weird with Nebraska passing the ball in the West Coast Offense. I would be interested in hearing from them, definitely."

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