Mississippi Prospect Looks To Travel

Prospects continue to be identified across the country as lists are beginning to be made at institutions all over the nation of the top athletes available. Another such prospect has been identified in the south. What does this prospect offer in terms of athleticism and just who is in the running for his services at this point?

Marcus Tillman is put together pretty well for a defensive end prospect coming out of high school.  Standing 6' 4" and weighing in at 250 pounds, Tillman runs a 4.7 40 yard dash and carries a 3.26 GPA in the classroom.  He scored a 19 on his first attempt on the ACT, but plans a retake in the future.  Tillman wrapped up his junior season with 50 tackles and 16 sacks while being named to the All-State, All-Area, All-District and All-Region teams.  He claims offers from LSU, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State and Texas A&M.  He also has interest in Auburn, Tennessee and Florida with no clear favorite amongst the seven.  He plans to camp at USM, LSU and MSU while citing his strengths as pass rushing, run stopping and being a hard hitter.

Getting into football recently, Tillman had a local favorite as of late.  Ole Miss and Eli Manning, I don't know too much about them now. I went up there for a camp but they changed all of the coaches," he said.  Tillman also had a national favorite.  "Miami, when I was growing up they were winning, they were it," he said.  Marcus has opened himself up to potential schools and mentions that Nebraska has sent him some informational letters as of late. 

In discussing some of the major factors in a potential school, Marcus said, "I'm looking at the environment, if they're winning and good coaches."  Tillman is looking for coaches who can point out what's wrong but pat you on the back when you do something correct.  He would like to go to a place with national exposure and prestige.  When asked about playing right away, Tillman said, "I think I could come in and play, I wouldn't mind having to sit down for a year but I can play."

In looking to narrow down his choices for a potential school, Tillman is excited about the prospect of visiting schools outside of Mississippi.  "I'd like to visit all of them and would like to visit as much as possible," he said.  Two schools he definitely wants to visit are Auburn and Tennessee. As far as where Nebraska fits into his plans, Marcus admits he doesn't know that much about the Cornhuskers yet, but wouldn't be averse to coming to Lincoln to see how things are for him. 

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