Star RE could make early decision

To say Eddie Jones is going to be one of the most touted rush ends in the country, well, that's probably belaboring the obvious. Well, there may not be a lot of time to tout him as one of the best, wondering where he'll go, because he could have that decision out of the way soon. Who's in, who's out and just who has the best shot at Jones? Read the update and find out.

Over 130 tackles from the rush end position.


Yeah, that's insane.


You think that is good, try being a team that has to defend him, while teammate and fellow rush end, Wayne Daniels had over 100 tackles starting from the other side of the line.


Double-digit sacks, tackles for loss mounting into the dozens and Jones ready to do it all over again. "It's all about doing better than we did last year." Jones said.


That's going to be hard to do since they won the state title last year. But, Eddie insists that perfection is the common and ultimate goal. "We can do better, a lot better," he said. "With everyone coming back, it's time to dominate."


Eddie does that, which is why he's got offers from some of the biggest programs in the country. But, the question that is always asked of kids inside of Texas is, if the University of Texas offers, is it a matter of "if" or simply "when".


Eddie wasn't going to totally tip his hand on this one, but the answer could seem to be apparent. "I am thinking about Texas and Texas A&M right now," Jones said. "I'm not really wanting to wait to make the decision, but I know I want to stay in-state."


With one teammate (Britt Mitchell) already committed to the Horns, some might think that Texas is the odds-favorite, but again, Jones is quite ready to say just who has the edge just yet. "Texas is really close, so it fits what me and my family wants," Jones said. "They want me close and I want to be close, so they can see my games and I am closer to my friends."


"That's one of the reasons I basically dropped Nebraska off my list. I knew it would be a lot harder for my family to see my play if I went there."


An early decision looms, the Longhorns appear to have a decided edge, so the only question seems to be when he'll make the plunge. "I don't know, but it will probably be soon," he said. "That way I can think about the up-coming season, so we can go out right."


Jones has offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, LSU and Nebraska, amongst others.

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