Dual-threat LB could be one of best in Texas

It seems that the outside linebackers are becoming rush ends nowadays. Multi-purpose athletes, the outside backer finds himself playing seemingly equal time from both the up and down position. If there is one linebacker that wouldn't have it any other way, it's Skyline high school's Michael Morgan. He's turned playing both into an art.

You look at linebacker Michael Morgan's almost 100 tackles from the outside position, you'd probably say that's impressive, especially when this is Lonestar football we are talking about.


Then, you look at his 18 sacks and you can pick your jaw up anytime now.


Playing almost equally from both the down and the up position, Morgan has taken his role as a dual threat to heart. "It's just a way to be more effective," Michael said. "Everyone likes getting to the quarterback, but we've worked my role where I have a lot of opportunities to do that."


Morgan obviously doesn't waste time either, stating that once he's got the outside of the tacckle's shoulder in the corner of his eye instead of in front of him, it's all over for the guy in the backfield with the ball. "Once I get clear, that's it," Morgan said. "If I can get around the tackle clean, I'm on the quarterback before he knows what happened."


You can thank God-given athleticism for that, but Morgan makes sure to maintain and even better his speed when there's no football being played.


Right now, it's all about the track season and Morgan is just as formidable there. Running the 4 X 100 meter, 4 X 200 meter and 4 X 400 meter, Morgan usually finds himself the anchor leg for each. Hard to argue that as Michael said that in the 100, he's ran a 10.6, but he's impressed even more, running a sub 22 second 200 split and a eye-popping 48 second time in the 400.


Speed kills and that's Morgan's credo on the field.


"You get the shot, you take it and just clean them right off the field," Morgan says of taking advantage of wide-open hits on ball-carriers. "You want to kill them or at least, make them never want to see you again."


The opponents may not want to see him, but the colleges certainly do and Morgan believes he's sitting on around 12 offers right now. It could be more once he returns to school tomorrow morning. "I heard I have an offer from Nebraska there waiting for me, so I'll check that out when I get to school." Morgan said.


That offer is one of many, Morgan saying that out of the local schools, that being the in-state powers, he's got offers from Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor.


Asked if he was just waiting for that offer from Texas to make his decision easy, Michael said that it wasn't that cut and dry. "I am not looking at recruiting all that hard right now," he said. "To be honest, it really doesn't matter who offers me right now, because I haven't even thought about schools or any of that."


Morgan has thought of one thing when it comes to those schools and that's just the basic criteria he has for looking at a school for more than a casual glimpse. "They have to be a good program, have a decent tradition and I'll be looking at the depth chart," Morgan said. "Plus, I don't really care about the weather and where it's at, but I don't want to be too far from home."


Michael wouldn't elaborate on just how "too far" was, but at this point at least, he seemed pretty open to any and all comers. So open, that Morgan doesn't even have any unofficial visits planned, camps he would like to attend or any of the usual stuff that follows preps over the Summer. "I'm into track right now," he said. "That's about all I am thinking of."


Well, yes, but he's also thinking about his last year of high school football. "We have to get through districts and get beyond the first round of state this time," Michael said. "I'd just like to do better than I did the year before, but it's about what we can do as a team."


"That's what really matters."


If Morgan just duplicates his statistical effort from last year, he'll be one of the top names at the LB position to come out of the Lonestar state this year. If he betters that, he could be THE name coming out of Texas. That's a monstrous feat indeed for any player, but Morgan isn't worried about the future. He's worried about the here and now.


"It's too early to get all wrapped up in that stuff," he said. "Right now, I am just thinking of playing it out and see how it goes. Who knows where things will be in a few months."

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