Florida OT Looking To Learn More

When you're being looked at by the three biggest programs in the state of Florida, you know you've got some talent. Nebraska has begun communicating with a young man who is garnering such attention and is eager to learn about what is available outside the Sunshine State. Learn more about this exciting prospect that's beginning to turn some heads.

Cruz Barrett is about as close to a prototypical high school offensive tackle as you can get.  Standing 6' 6" and weighing in at 320 pounds, Barrett runs a 5.1 40 yard dash and carries a 3.2 GPA in the classroom.  Before an injury to his arm, he benched 320, squatted 500 and cleaned 280 pounds.  He claims offers from Florida, Florida State and LSU along with interest in Miami, Georgia, NC State, Michigan and Nebraska.  His current favorites are Florida, Florida State and Miami, though he professes to want to learn more about schools outside of his home state.  He plans to camp at all three Florida schools along with the U.S. Army Combine in April and the Nike Combine in May.  He cites his strength as his ability to finish block, his quickness and his strength.

Barrett was involved in a car accident with one of his foster counselors when their car collided with a bus.  Cruz was able to walk away from the scene but had a broken arm from the encounter.  After multiple surgeries in November, he has been cleared for all off-season activities.  Mainland High School was in the third round of the state playoffs during the injury which forced him to sit the following week out.  Mainland lost the game and Barrett's season was over.  Since then, he has been rehabbing and coordinating college trips and plans with his coaches.  "I want to do all of my visits and since I don't have a parent right now I'm talking to my coach (to get things lined up)," he said. 

Growing up, Cruz was a fan of the Florida State Seminoles, but said, "Now all my options are open."  He said he enjoyed the dominance that Florida State displayed in the past.  One such school that has come along in terms of informational letters sent is the University of Nebraska.  Barrett professes to not knowing much about the Cornhuskers, but is interested in what they have to offer.  "I have informational letters but I haven't had a chance to get to know them much yet," he said.  Barrett did say he would be interested in hearing more from Nebraska and taking a visit to Lincoln for next month's Spring Game if at all possible.

In discussing some of the big factors in Barrett's decision, he said, "I want to make sure they have a good academic program and good football program on top of that, that's basically it but I want to make sure I have a chance to see the college and get comfortable before I make a decision."  Barrett said that location isn't a big factor, he could play in warm weather or cold and he's open to all possibilities.  Cruz doesn't have any particular unofficial visits picked out as of yet, but notes that future out of state camps will be his first chance to learn about programs outside of Florida and for that, he is ready.

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