NU Steps Up Recruitment Of Florida OL

Having the ability to run in a balance offense will open up the recruiting game quite a bit. For one southern prospect, the offers are rolling in and the interest on top of those is becoming staggering. This prospect is starting to garner interest from a Big XII institution or two and we caught up with him to get his take on the recruiting process so far.

When you look at some of the offensive linemen that Nebraska is recruiting, Daron Rose fits right into the mold.  Standing 6' 7" and weighing in at 315 pounds, Rose is a mammoth individual who can run a 5.1 40 yard dash and carries a 3.6 GPA in the classroom.  He benches 365 pounds, squats 505 pounds and cleans 275 pounds.  He graded out at ninety percent as junior and was named First Team All-State, All-Conference and All-County.  He currently holds offers in Auburn, Maryland, Duke, Ole Miss, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Houston and Kansas amongst others and has interest in the University of Nebraska, though they have not offered as of yet.  He cites his current favorites as Maryland, Duke and Michigan and plans to attend the April 10th Nike Camp.  He also cites his strengths as his agility and intelligence.

Growing up, Daron was a fan of two schools with a pretty high prestige factor in college football and, indeed, college sports in general.  "I had two favorites in Notre Dame and Texas," he said.  So what led him to the Fighting Irish and Longhorns?  "Academics, but those two were tradition rich schools and I've always grown up watching Notre Dame, my dad really liked Lou Holtz, so he got me into Notre Dame.  I've always liked Texas.  I really like the way they play, the way they play on defense, how they t after people and put up points," said Rose.  Rose's favorites have changed a bit since that point, but he's keeping his options open at this juncture. 

He has started to receive some letters from the University of Nebraska, as well.  "I've gotten handwritten letters from the recruiting coach (Scott Downing) but most of the stuff is informational.  He's just introducing himself and saying get ready because we're going to be recruiting you hard," said Rose.  In looking at a potential college, Daron wants a place where he can grow as a football player and as a scholar.  "Academics first, probably coaches, I've got to be able to feel comfortable with the coaches and atmosphere around school.  That's the place I'm going to spend four to five years of my life.  You're putting your life into their hands so you want to feel safe and secure. I'll pretty much go wherever I feel comfortable.  I probably won't go past the Midwest like Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska but it's wherever I feel I'll have the best opportunity to play and win," said Rose.

This Saturday, Rose will be attending the Florida Gators' Junior Day and will be attending Duke's Junior Day as well.  He said that given the opportunity, he would like to visit Nebraska during their spring game.  Speaking of Nebraska, Rose is beginning to learn more about the Cornhuskers and sees some things that have become attractive to him.  "I would say their offense, the new offense that they put in.  I wouldn't say it's the same as our offense but it's similar in the way that they balance out the passing and offense and it's something I can pick up quick because it's similar to ours.  I know they've got a coach with experience in Bill Callahan and that can be appealing to anyone.  I watched him take the Raiders to the Super Bowl.  When you have success at the NFL level and come to the college level that really helps with recruiting," he said.  Rose feels that going into an NFL-type atmosphere would be a big plus for his pro aspirations.  "With a good coach not only are they preparing you for games and life but preparing for the next level," he said.

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