Huskers offer big California receiver

Tall wide receivers aren't a fad, they are ultimate weapon when it comes to a passing football team. Imagine being 6-foot-4, 195 pounds, a 4.55-4.6/40 and a 38 inch vertical and that is what you have with one of Nebraska's latest offers.

Anthony Houston has it all. He has the size, speed and leaping ability that you are looking for in a wide receiver. He also provides you that dilemma by watching his tape as to which position he is better at. Besides being a standout wide receiver he is also a great cornerback for San Diego (Calif.) Mission Bay.

"I play both ways," Houston said. "My primary position is receiver, but I play cornerback as well. I prefer receiver. Schools have asked me what position I prefer out of the two, but most were recruiting me as a receiver to start out with."

"I had 275 yards receiving and four touchdowns. I also had three interceptions on cornerback. I do kick off returns and averaged about 30 yards per return."

His numbers on the field were good enough for him to receive honors on both sides of the football. "I got most improved and most valuable player for my team. I also won first team all-league honors as a receiver and as a cornerback. That's what my coaches told me. I really didn't have a chance to look into any other honors."

When it comes to breaking down Houston as a receiver, he says that it is his ability to go up and get the ball that is his biggest strength. "I would say it's my ability to get up for the ball and grab. I have a 38" vertical. That plus my height gives me an advantage. I am going to try and get better in my technique and making it in sync with my upper body motion."

"My favorite pass pattern is a straight-speed or fly route. I have been known to give some guys in the dust."

When it comes to playing defense, Houston says that it is his ability and experience on offense that is his biggest strength. "My ability to read the offense and read the receiver is my biggest strength. I get that from playing offense at receiver, I think. I will play both sides of the ball this fall. I'd like to improve my drop-step. I am pretty good at keeping up with receivers; I just need be a little better at my drop-step."

So far, Houston has nabbed three offers. That isn't a huge number in comparison to some, but I guess it's who has offered Houston that is big. "I got one from Nebraska, USC, and San Diego State. The first team to offer me was Nebraska and then USC. Everyone is recruiting me as a receiver who has offered. I'd say probably Colorado and Arizona are close to offering."

"I would say that the teams that I am most interested in are Cal, Auburn, USC, San Diego State and Nebraska. I used to really like Nebraska because they ran the option. I know that they were a running team, but I really liked their offense."

Nebraska isn't really an option football team anymore and it's a little strange to hear about a wide receiver that liked the old offense that featured any position but the wide receiver. Houston also knows about the changes that have been made in Lincoln to a new offense and what Bill Callahan and his staff are trying to put together.

"I spoke to Coach Busch about the football program. We talked a lot about the program. We talked about how I would fit in there, their recruiting class last year, about academics and the whole environment. I like that."

Nebraska may have a hard time stacking up to the reigning national champions or a local university, but the distance or the re-building may actually intrigue Houston. "USC is on top when you talk about football ranking, but on my list everyone is equal right now. It just depends. Football is just a way for me to get my academics. As long as I get to go to college and extend my career it's in my benefit."

"I'm definitely considering a visit to Nebraska. It's not home and it could take some getting used to. I need to get out on my own."

Last year Houston hit one of his coach's camps and a MSL combine. This year he is still a little undecided, but he is getting a better idea about what camps to do. "I just went to my coach's combine last year and before that I went to the MSL combine. I think I didn't do too well. I hurt my back in one on one play. I am going to try and do a Nike camp this summer. I don't know which one."

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