Bright OL Gets Nod From Nebraska

In the search for the next big offensive lineman both literally and figuratively, Nebraska continues their hunt for effective blockers in the run and passing games. One such prospect has been identified in Florida and is holding an offer from the Cornhuskers. What does he think about Nebraska and where do they stand on his list?

Daniel Wenger is the kind of offensive lineman that gives you something very rare, that being the ability to play multiple positions on the line given his frame.  Standing 6'4" and weighing in at 285 pounds, Wenger currently anchors the center position for St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Wenger isn't just a massive prospect on the field as he carries a 4.0 grade point average and uses his intelligence in all aspects of his school life.  He was named to the All County and All-State teams as a junior and currently holds offers from Duke, Rutgers, Northwestern, Nebraska, Iowa State.  He also has interest in Boston College, Notre Dame and Purdue amongst others.  He claims no favorites and cites his strengths as his intelligence, quickness, leg strength once he fires out of his stance.

Growing up, once Daniel became interested in college football, he took to his then local teams.  "I was born in Pittsburgh so I have a tendency to like Pitt and Penn State," he said.  Though growing up in the area, he does have a sentimental attachment to the two teams.  "You like to see how your hometown does but I'm not diehard into it," said Wenger.  One school that he is currently entertaining an offer from is the University of Nebraska.  Once he received the offer from the Cornhuskers, Daniel was very excited.  "I was very overwhelmed because you know it's one of those schools who are famous for producing great offensive linemen.  It was very pleasing and overwhelming to think that these great schools are coming after me.  It's one of those things where it doesn't hit you until later down the road," he said.  He has held the Nebraska offer for about three weeks now.

The word of Nebraska's interest in Daniel came via his coaches.  "I filled out their questionnaire and they saw one of my game films and my coach told me that they talked to him over the phone and offered me," he said.  In speaking about some of the major factors that will play into his decision, Wenger is pretty easy to please, but wants a place that strives for the top.  "First thing is going to be education and second I'm going to look at location which isn't going to be that much of a problem because I don't have a problem going to a bigger school or out in the country.  Third thing is going to be competitiveness and how I feel I can get along with the coaches.  Just so they have that certain peak that they want to get to," he said.  Daniel said that he would like to go to a school that strives to be the best. 

Though he doesn't have any visits scheduled yet, Daniel is making some notations about places he would like to visit.  "I definitely would like to take a look at Purdue, Notre Dame and Duke; I hear they have a beautiful campus.  I am going to try to get to Pitt and Penn State when I go up and visit my grandparents.  If Nebraska holds up with the offer, I'd definitely like to take a trip out there and see everything," he said.  In reference to Nebraska's spring game, Daniel said, "If I could definitely make it I'd be there in a heartbeat."  Lastly, we spoke a bit about just what makes Nebraska an attractive spot for Daniel.  He said, "I like the fact that it's out in the country and kind of secluded because you don't have everything in the city pulling you every way, you can concentrate on school and football.  Just getting your work done and that's all you really have to do.  I'm not trying to screw around in college, I want to make the best of it and work hard at it."

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