Picou's June arrival pending

The questions since first hearing the name of Jordan Picou have been many. The cousin of Rodney Picou, Jordan's rise to prominence, at least in the mids of Husker fans was fairly quick. Now that they have gotten to know at least who he is, the questio now remains, when or will the elder Picou make it to Nebraska.

 There was little secret as to the workload that was ahead of junior college transfer, Jordan Picou, if he was to make it to Nebraska in June.


The catch-up role, academically speaking, for the spring term left Picou with double-digits in credits to acquire before he would be able to transfer to Nebraska.


That progress has been on-going and offensive line coach, Dennis Wagner said that things are going as planned. "He has a second semester (second half of spring term) class and if he gets that taken care of and does a good job, he'll be here in June."


Jordan is expected to be one of 7 other junior college players to arrive in June, offensive tackle – Brock Pasteur the other lineman of the transfer group.


After one year with Mount San Antonio college, Picou was named first-team all-California and was all-state as a senior at Eisenhower high school in Rialto, California.


Picou would be slated to play the guard position, while Pasteur would be positioned at tackle.

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