Offensive/Defensive Stud Connects With NU

While Nebraska is always interested in young men who can excel on the offensive or defensive line, it is a rare treat when they come upon an individual who can do both. One such prospect has been identified by the Cornhuskers and even has a previous interest in NU. What does this prospect think about the possibility of wearing scarlet as a collegiate athlete?

J.B. Walton is a special type of athlete in that not only could he possibly knock out a spot on the defensive end of things, but the offensive end as well.  Standing 6' 3" and weighing 270 pounds, the Indian Head, Maryland prospect clocks in with a 5.1 40 yard dash.  He benches 300 pounds and squats 510 pounds while racking up 60 tackles, six sacks and five tackles for loss from his defensive tackle position last year. 

He was named to the All-Conference and All-State teams for his efforts during his junior campaign and claims offers from Maryland, Syracuse, Florida, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Kansas State, Tennessee, Georgia, Penn State, NC State and Connecticut.  He plans to attend camps at Maryland and Tennessee, the Nike Camp at Penn State and a couple of out of state camps as well.  He cites his strengths as pass blocking and pulling on offense and getting in the backfield quickly, his footwork and his hands on defense.

Growing up, J.B. was a fan of a particular Midwestern school.  "I grew up watching Nebraska, We had a player from down here who went there.  Donta Jones, I met him when I was little," said Walton.  According to what he remembers, Donta was a pretty cool guy.    When the offer from the Cornhuskers came, Walton was taken aback by the offer from his childhood favorite.  "I was amazed when they wrote.  They said they liked what they saw of the tape and they never saw things like that before. I was kind of pleased, really," he said. 

Nebraska has sent Walton both informational and hand-written letters and J.B. says that he is feeling the love.  "They see how I am doing and seeing how family is and telling me about the school.  Different coaches write me. I respect them writing," he said.  In looking at some of the major factors for Walton, one thing sticks out as number one.  "It's mostly academics, my parents stress that and for me.  Also, it's having a team atmosphere, a team I can gel with, a place I can be comfortable with," he said. 

J.B. is currently starting to line up some unofficial visits and whittle down the ideas of places he will visit in the future.  "I'm going to Penn State on Saturday.  It's kind of tough, I want to visit everybody but you can only visit a couple, but we're thinking about that and writing it down," he said.  Walton is a fan of Nebraska's tradition and what they've accomplished, so much so that it's a focal point in his attraction.  "They've been to the top plenty of times in the past and hopefully they can get back there," he said. 

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