Will D.J. Jones attend the Nebraska spring game?

One of the best offensive line prospects in the nation is D.J. Jones from Omaha (Nebr.) Central. The tackle comes in at 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds, but more importantly is at a crucial position for the Huskers this year. It's not a secret that the Huskers are targeting a lot of tackles this year, but can the Huskers haul in Jones?

The Huskers were only able to nab one true tackle last year in their recruiting class, but so far this year have targets some of the nation's best. Fortunately for Nebraska one of the nation's best offensive tackles is growing up in their back yard right in Omaha.

D.J. Jones will be one of the most talked about tackles this year for a couple key reasons. One, is because he has the size that you are looking for in a tackle at 6-foot-6 and 300 pounds. And two, is that his feet and athleticism could make him a tight end, but make him a great tackle prospect.

This spring Jones is spending his time lifting and throwing the shot and discus for Omaha (Nebr.) Central. He will most likely get his chance to throw in the state track meet later this spring.

"In discus I throw like 142' and in the shot put I at about 47'. More than likely I will get to throw at state," Jones said. "I'm not running the 100m, but I could. Shot-put and discus practice at a different place than the runners, so it's kind of hard to do both."

"We are lifting weights for football about three times a week. For those of us throwing shot and discus, Coach Mac makes us lift also. I haven't really tested out lately so I don't know where I stand exactly. I am in good shape to get ready for next year."

This spring has been dedicated to track and lifting weights, but that will change a little bit when he gets to take in an unofficial to Nebraska for their spring game. "I haven't gone to any campuses yet. I am going to Nebraska's spring game for sure. I haven't really decided the dates when I can get to another one."

That may not be the first time that Jones will see Nebraska this spring though. Jones is off on spring break next week and Nebraska is in the middle of their spring practice schedule. He has yet to set it up, but a phone call could happen as early as tomorrow to set up a date for him to attend a practice.

"Yes possibly. I wasn't aware that I could get down there to watch a practice until recently. I'll call Coach Wagner and see if I can get down there next week."

As far as camps are concerned, only two are on the agenda for Jones. "I am just going to the Iowa and the Oklahoma camps for now. That's it. I don't think that I am going to Nebraska's camp. The Iowa and Oklahoma camps kind of conflict on dates with Nebraska's. I went to the Nebraska one last year and didn't go to any others. I would like to open up some other doors possibly."

While he is trying to open up the doors to new schools and new offers, Nebraska will be trying to prove that Lincoln is the best spot for Jones. Stay tuned to Big Red Report for the best in Cornhusker recruiting!

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