Will Josh Freeman see Nebraska this spring?

Nebraska has only offered two quarterbacks so far and may only have a realistic shot at one. That one though has tremendous upside and seems to looking at Nebraska very closely. Where is Nebraska on his list and will he in attendence for the spring game in Lincoln?

One of the top targets in the Midwest this year will be Josh Freeman of Grandview (Mo.). Not only for his height, but for the offers that he will be holding when it is all said and done.

Freeman comes in at 6-foot-6 which also makes him an active part of his basketball team too. "We were 16-10 or something like that," Freeman said. "We didn't go to state. We lost in the semi finals in district."

Besides playing basketball to stay in shape, there is also a good amount of conditioning going on right now. Despite being a big-time quarterback prospect, he knows that he can get better at his game and is targeting a couple of key areas.

"Conditioning is going good. I am targeting arm strength and footwork this summer. That is what I am working on because last year I had the accuracy, but my footwork wasn't all too good. My arm strength is good, but I would like it to be better."

Freeman doesn't have a weak arm. While he was in San Antonio at the All-American Combine he was throwing it 60+ yards constantly with Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford over and over again.

"I threw it 68 yards. I'd like to still improve it."

So far, Freeman has been to Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska a handful of times each. This spring he has already had a chance to see one campus again and will see a different campus for the first time this weekend.

"I have been to Missouri for their junior day and I haven't really gone on any other junior days. I am going up to Notre Dame this weekend. I don't have an offer from them."

"They might offer. My dad talks to their coach a lot and we scheduled a little trip for this weekend. They got that new coaching staff and I was talking to my friend, Phillip Strozier and his dad, and they were talking about their coaching staff up there is one of the best."

This trip up to South Bend may be the first trip in the month of April, but it most likely isn't the last. "Well I am not going anywhere else outside of camps. I am pretty sure that we are heading up to Nebraska for their spring game. That is like the 15th I think. I am going to go up for the elite quarterback camp at Nebraska too."

Beyond heading back to Nebraska to take part in the Elite Quarterback Camp, he will be taking out some time to hit a Nike Combine and some other camps this summer. "This year I am going to go up to the Nike - Ann Arbor Combine and Elite 11 camp. I'll probably make a camp up in Notre Dame. I will go to some other schools in the area, one day camps."

So far Freeman is up to five offers. That won't be all he receives though, that should only be the beginning. "I am up to five offers. I have offers from Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Iowa State. I would say that Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, and LSU are all close to offering."

While he is holding five offers only one of the five make his top two. "I would say Notre Dame and Nebraska are my top two. Then Kansas falls right in there at three."

Freeman may be the top recruit in the state of Missouri this year and losing him to an out of state school is something that he is reminded of on occasion. "Every now and then I will run into someone and they will tell me 'hey, you should go to Mizzou.' Also the kids on my AAU basketball team tell me that too."

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