Spring practice, day 5 - hits keep on coming

From last year to this year, it's a whole different world. Last year, there was little to no contact. This year, there's contact with seemingly everything they do. You won't hear the Huskers complaining, though, even when the physical contact was like it was today, as some said, the toughest it's been thus far.

Inside Cook pavilion, the pads were crashing as Nebraska hit day 5 in their Spring session.


From the "Oklahoma" drill to one-on-ones and then to live scrimmaging, the players got a full dose of physical contact today. That's what head coach, Bill Callahan wanted. That's what he said they were going to do and Wednesdays are expected to be THE days where the players go at it the most. "Wednesdays are going to be a heavy workday," Callahan said. "We wanted to structure it like that and we certainly performed like that on the field with the amount of contact and collision we had."


"We want to continue to elevate our team from a physical standpoint and challenge them everyday on the practice field."


"I like the way we're practicing. We more physical than what we were a year ago, but it's still not good enough for this conference and this division."


The sense of urgency behind the raised level of physicality is going to have it's ups and of course, downs.


The downside being the usual nicks and bruises that invariably comes with the game.


To that end, starting cornerback Donald DeFrand has been ruled out for the Spring, from a broken foot suffered during practiced and will undergo surgery soon, according to coach Callahan. Also, today, running back Brandon Jackson suffered a shoulder injury, but Callahan said that he had no specifics on what the exact nature of that injury was, but would comment with more details became available.


On the good side, offensive lineman - Lydon Murtha's repetitions increased yet again today, Murtha participating in all of the contact drills. And, defensive end – Wali Muhammad made it back to the field, Muhammad missing the first few practices to tie up some academic loose ends.


Back to the contact, the increased amount of contact will level off for Friday's practice, but the team will engage in a full scrimmage on Saturday, something they didn't do all of last year, either in the spring or fall.


"It's picking up and it's getting there," Callahan said of the physical contact in practices. "We'll graduate to Saturday where we will have a full scale scrimmage. And, we'll do things Friday, but not the extent that we did today."


Nebraska resumes practice Friday, then again on Saturday for the aforementioned scrimmage and the players will get Sunday off before resuming practices on Monday.




  • -                      WLB, Dontrell Moore was moved to middle linebacker
  • -                      In attendance today for practice was former defensive coordinator, Charlie McBride and former offensive line coach, Milt Tenopir
  • -                      Wide receiver, Mark LeFlore, who had apparently injured his toe yesterday, was back at practice today and going full speed.



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