Outside linebacker no more

It's an adjustment for any player just coming in, even if they are coming from the junior college level. For Moore, his adjustment has just became a little harder. Today, head coach Bill Callahan announced that it was going to be a new learning curve for Moore as he was moving to another position on the field.

Following today's spring practice, head coach Bill Callahan announced that Moore would be moving to the middle linebacker position from the outside linebacker position he currently holds.

"I think he's a little more comfortable in there," Callahan said of Moore at middle. "I thought on the inside drill, he did a pretty good job blowing up a few fullbacks on the isolation play. So, it was good to see his physicality there."

"I think he's more natural there, but it's still a learning curve for the transfer students. Now, that we have moved him inside, he's going to have to re-learn some things and communication becomes vital at the MIKE spot."

Moore now finds himself competing against Corey McKeon and Lance Brandenburgh for the starting spot at that position.

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