Jackson's status now a question mark

Last year was a very limited experience for running back, Brandon Jackson. A limited playbook along with limited time, even as he ran second string behind Cory Ross, who was injured most of the year. This year is definite a year for him to break out even more than what he did last year, most of that occurring on special teams. Today, Jackson might have experienced a slight delay.

During today's Spring practice, Jackson went down with what appeared to be a shoulder injury.

Jackson was assisted off the field and then, into transportation to take him for probably X-rays and further evaluation.

Head coach, Bill Callahan said of the injury, that he couldn't state as to any specifics until he had a chance to revew the report himself.

"I am not certain what his status is or what occurred," Callahan said of the injury. "So, I need to get a little more information before I can make a statement there."

Jackson current sits as the number two choice, behind returning starter, Cory Ross. If he should be out for an extended period of time, both Thomas Lawson and Marque McCray would see additional time.

It's also doubtful that Tierre Green, who was moved earlier from running back to DB, would be move back to address Jackson's loss.

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