Catching Up With Paddy Mullen

When Paddy Mullen took his trip to Notre Dame to get to know the new staff and what the Fighting Irish had to offer, he was floored. So much so that he named Notre Dame his leader at the time. Has his stance changed at all and is Nebraska still in the hunt for this stud tight end prospect out of Missouri?

Catching up with Paddy Mullen at a Missouri baseball game, it's quite obvious that the race for this highly coveted tight end prospect out of DeSmet Jesuit High School is heating up.  So, while schools are trying to position themselves for a shot at Mullen, what has he been up to with his time?  "I have been working my butt off in the weight room.  I've been on our program in the summer.  We started a couple weeks ago, trying to get big.  I'm pretty much just trying to improve to become that much more athletic, I just got off the phone with a guy from Scout about the combine in Illinois so I'm probably going to do that on the 23rd of April.  I'm going up to Notre Dame this weekend, too," said Mullen.

Since first offering Paddy, Nebraska has been near the front of a line that is getting longer and longer by the day having seen the prospect get offered by the likes of Oklahoma State, Illinois and, of course, the Irish.  "I haven't gotten LSU's in the mail yet but they say they're processing it," said Mullen.  Paddy definitely has a full few weeks ahead of him as we discussed some of his future plans.  "I'm going up to Notre Dame this weekend for their spring game, Nebraska on the 16th and I'm taking ACT on the 9th.  LSU has definitely put up some interest, I would like to go down there if not the spring then in the summer.  Ohio State is another, haven't heard much from them at all, just get their letters they send to everybody.  I'd also like to go to Illinois, Kansas and Iowa," said Mullen.

So with all of the new-found attention, has Paddy's interest in the Cornhuskers waned?  "They've been sending me a bunch of letters and I just feel terrible because coach Cosgrove has told me to call him and every time I call him I get his machine and these NCAA regulations are hard to get around. I'm planning on getting back with him this weekend, though," said Mullen.  So, would Mullen say that his interest in Nebraska is still pretty high since he's trying so dillgently to get in contact with Kevin Cosgrove?  "Oh yeah for sure, it's hard to give a top five, even a top seven but they're definitely up there in interest being the first school that offered me a scholarship.  It started the whole process.  Coach Cosgrove and Coach Callahan have been great, they've really been giving me the red carpet treatment so I am extremely excited," he said.

Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove has quite a few contacts around the St. Louis area and Missouri in general.  He's the man that has been put in charge of the recruitment of Mr. Mullen.  "I've gotten letters from the whole coaching staff, they send one big envelope and it has 11 little letters inside.  I think so I've only talked to him (Cosgrove) twice, he seems like he's a real professional guy and really knows his stuff.  At this point we have a good relationship but I plan to try to get a hold of him before I go up there on the 16th," said Mullen.  One thing remains clear in speaking to Mullen that he offers a football player with unbridled enthusiasm and a love for life itself.

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