Huskers offer athletic OL back East

Sometimes tall stories can get a little out of control. Take for example the story of this OT who is 6-foot-6 and 290 pounds. Now, nothing there sounds too out of the ordinary. They consider that he runs a legit 4.9/40 and it not only being recruited to play OT, but DE. This is one tall tale which isn't a tale at all.

So you've heard that Jared Odrick is a pretty good football player? Tell him that and he will tell you, "Yeah, I've heard that too." The modesty is there that shouldn't be, but is. He is keeping his feet on the ground while his popularity in the recruiting world is taking off.

It's easy to see why when you are 6-foot-6, 290 and have a 4.9/40. Beyond measureables, Odrick had a pretty good year on the field as well. "The only stat that the coach has on me is that I didn't allow a sack all year. Other than that, I don't think that our coach has done stats for offensive linemen."

Odrick has started for Lebanon (Penn.) as an offensive lineman since his freshman year. He may also receive his third straight year of all state honors as an offensive tackle after having earned them as a sophomore and a junior.

While the honors have rolled in for Odrick as an offensive lineman it's on the defensive side of the ball that he really likes. "I play defensive end. I like defense better. I am getting recruited more by Southern teams to play defensive end. All of the other schools are really recruiting me for offense."

"Georgia Tech wants me as an end, Maryland would take me as either, Virginia likes me as an end, Penn State likes me as an end, Oklahoma likes me as a tackle, Northwestern as a tackle, and Boston College as an offensive tackle; so it's mixed."

"I don't think there are many players that are my size that can move like me. I think that I have some of the quickest feet at my weight or as a defensive lineman, period. That's why the Oklahoma and Iowa all want me for offensive line because they say I have the quickest feet. It can't be matched by any other offensive lineman in the country. Defensively, I am too big for small, athletic tackles and I am too fast for the big, slow ones. I think that I am a force to be reckoned with on the pass rush."

Odrick is holding 15 or 16 offers so far. He is currently holding offers from Georgia Tech, Maryland, Virginia, Penn State, Pitt, Oklahoma, Iowa, Northwestern and Boston College off of the top of his head. The latest to throw their hat in the ring for the Odrick sweepstakes is Nebraska.

"A school in the Big 12, I love that conference. It's a very competitive conference. Of course Bill Callahan is something I will automatically look at coming from where he's been. I know what he has been doing there at Nebraska, so I am automatically looking at that. There is no fooling around with that program. The Nebraska program is one of the most prestigious programs in the nation; just their history. I am impressed by the offer. I will definitely look at it."

"We just called Nebraska the other day to talk to their head coach, Bill Callahan. We called him and he wasn't available to talk to us. It is something that me and my coach always do to all of the head coaches of all of the schools that offer. It's just a way of saying thanks."

Schools that are usually geographically closer to a player hold an advantage against further away schools. That doesn't necessarily seem to be the case for Odrick. "No, I have told everybody it isn't a factor. It's more of a comfort level of where I am at."

Odrick has his ticket punched when it comes to basically going anywhere that he wants to for college. However, he is still trying to become the best possible player he can be. "Right now I am in track and I am throwing. I have a throwing coach that threw at West Virginia. He's got me doing everything possible."

"I am going to practice and then after practice I am lifting and doing Plyometrics with him after practice. A lot of people are going to it. It's more athletic movements with a little bit of added weight or I am jumping and moving a whole lot to strengthen my core. That's what Plyometrics does, it makes you stronger and quicker. I am doing all of this because I want to get my 40 time down as much as possible."

Jared is planning on making some trips in April to some neighboring schools. "I am planning on going to Maryland, Virginia and Pitt sometime soon in April."

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