Possible loss of Jackson muddles RB picture

There's nothing like possibly losing one of your top running backs to change the overall picture at the position. That's what the coaching staff could be looking at, if Jackson is out for an extended period of time. With the increased phyiscality of this spring, however, that was to be expected, so the coaches aren't looking at this unprepared.

Two days ago, Jackson went down with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Jackson didn't practice today, but there was nothing said officially as to his status. "We're going to wait and see, we are going to have it looked at," quarterback coach Jay Norvell said of Jackson. "We're hoping for the best and hoping that it's not real serious."

The loss of Jackson for any amount of time makes for a thin depth chart at the position for the spring and Norvell acknowledged that as an area of concern right now. "We're concerned, because we're very thin at that position until we get our other guys in the fall." Norvell said.

While the staff waits for the fall, one of most significant factors for the spring now appears to be keeping Ross safe from harm. "We've got to keep him healthy," Norvell said. "We want to be smart. He's got to bang, but we also have to keep him healthy."

"We've got to leave spring with a healthy Cory Ross."

Jackson's loss will be the gain of other running backs fighting for position on that depth chart. Marque McCray, recently moved over to the position and walk-on Thomas Lawson, both are expected to be considerable increases in their reps for the remainder of spring, though Lawson has been serving double-duty at both running back and fullback.

Norvell said that in addition to increased reps, especially for McCray, the fullbacks might also see more action running the ball, along with possibly more passing during the first live scrimmage on Saturday.

"We'll just kind of get through it," he said. "Spring is about contact and growing and we are giving a lot of guys a chance."

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