Reuland Impressed With Big Red

With Nebraska's eyeballing several top prospects at their respective positions, it's a necessity to get in on a prospect early and let them feel the love. One such prospect is Mission Viejo's Konrad Reuland. Just how much have the Cornhuskers contacted Reuland and where do the Cornhuskers stand with him at this early juncture?

Konrad Reuland is beginning to see the recruiting circus set up its metaphorical shop, but he's not worried.  In the meantime, Reuland is working to make himself bigger and better for Mission Viejo High School.  "I've just been working on getting stronger, been in the weight room a lot.  I haven't done too much, I'm going start with my club basketball team here soon and that's good aerobic activity.  I've been lifting, catching and working on football," he said.  Reuland is looking to improve his stock even more while becoming a better overall tight end and football player in general.  "It's an all-over type thing; my legs are pretty strong so I'm working a lot on upper body strength.  I'm working on getting faster, reps with catching and trying to get better overall," he said.

Since we spoke with Konrad, his offer numbers have gone up quite a bit.  He currently has an offer from Nebraska, Duke, Arizona, Arizona State, Mississippi, USC, UCLA, Colorado and Kansas.  As far as naming a favorite, Reuland has taken a few trips, but he's not ready to name a number one just yet.  "I went down to UCLA's junior day and that was fun.  I'll be going to USC's junior day on Sunday.  I was down at a practice at USC, so they're looking like a real interesting school but I can't say I have any favorite right now," said Reuland.  There's a few other schools that Konrad is trying to gauge his interest in, especially in visiting.  "I'm thinking of maybe making a small recruiting trip like at the beginning of August but we haven't made any plans and nothing's concrete right now.  Nebraska, I've wanted to check them out, maybe Miami but I can't even say for sure.  Maybe Ohio State, but I'm pretty sure about Nebraska," he said. 

One thing that Nebraska has been sure to do with Konrad is make sure that the senior-to-be knows that he's wanted as a Cornhusker.  "(I've gotten) a lot of leters and talked with them on the phone a couple times, that's pretty much it," he said.  Reuland has gotten quite a few handwritten letters from the Nebraska coaching staff and it's really starting to impress.  "Pretty much all of the coaches on the offensive side, they send a packet with everyone writing a letter.  I'm excited; it's pretty unique to have everybody like that.  Duke has sent me some stuff like that too, but most schools don't go to that extent.  It makes you feel really wanted," said Reuland.

It's obvious that Nebraska is putting a grand amount of work into getting Konrad's consideration, but are the seeds being sown starting to produce any buds of hope for the Big Red?  "I'm definitely interested; they showed interest earlier than anyone. They offered me before my junior season started, plus they run the West Coast Offense which features the tight end.  Coach Callahan seems really cool.  I'd like to meet the coaches," he said.  Reuland mentioned that he's spoken with Scott Downing the most, the man who would be his position coach if he were to come to Nebraska.  Reuland attests that the two have had some good conversation, as well.  We will continue to follow this impressive prospect's career to its finish in high school and on into the recruiting season.

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