Quarterback picture starting to take shape

Only a week into the spring session of practices, the quarterback picture has been one of significant interest this year. Following a disappointing year, where starter Joe Dailey threw 19 interceptions on the season, the need was obvious for the passing-game to improve. With the entrance of junior college transfer Zac Taylor, it has, but not just for Taylor, but Dailey as well as this race is tighter than some might have thought.

After last year, you could hear fans begging for another quarterback. With the signing of a junior college quarterback this year, that threw for over 3,000 yards, almost 30 touchdowns and had a completion percentage above 60, there were many ready to give him the job even before he arrived.


With spring practices 6 days in, Taylor is doing well, but the surprise could be that Dailey's name isn't one that you might want to so quickly dismiss. "Joe and Zac have been really battling at that first spot," quarterback coach Jay Norvell said.


"Joe is much improved from a year ago and Zac, for a guy that's just come in, he's really starting to put the principles together."


Dailey, the incumbent should have been expected to be where he's at. Considering the fact that the junior has a year of starting for the team under his belt, that along with having the off-season to figure out where the mistakes happened has apparently given rise to some improvement in many areas.


For Taylor, his acclimation has probably been a little more surprising, despite the familiarity with this type of system, as it still has just been two months since he arrived at NU. "For a guy that's only been here a couple months, he's really shown some understanding and poise in the pocket," Norvell said. "And, I have been proud of his progress."


"It's like a dust cloud at first, but when it starts to clear up for you, you start to execute."


The battle would appear to be a two-way one currently, but Norvell wasn't so quick to dismiss at least two other quarterbacks that have since spring practiced started, have done nothing but improve their stock on the team. "Joe Ganz did all of our scout teams snaps (last year) and he's really showed some poise," Norvell said. "And, Beau Davis stepped up today and did some really good things."


"So, I am really proud of the progress of all the guys. They are really competing, they are locking in, they are trying to do the things we ask and in the next week, it should clear itself up a little bit more."

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