Huskers engage in first full scrimmage

It's been six days of grueling physical practices for the Huskers leading up to today, where Nebraska would have its first live scrimmage. In various situations, the Huskers took to the inside of Memorial today to see where they are and what they have to improve as the countdown to the spring game continues.

"We're really pleased with today's work, we got a lot of things accomplished."


Those were the words of head coach, Bill Callahan as he recapped Nebraska's first live scrimmage of the spring session. The scrimmage follows six days of practice that have been particularly physical, which contrasts to last year, where the amount of actual tackling was severely limited.


All in all, Callahan said that they were pleased with the progress during day 7 of spring practices, but the improvements need to continue. "I believe the team is really progressing steadily, but we still need to become more consistent in a lot of areas." Callahan said.


One of the key areas for Callahan and company that they concentrated on during this scrimmage was 2nd and long yardage situations. Callahan admitted that it wasn't a common drill, but to address the third down situations that plagued them last year, this drill served their end goal. "Today's format was unique," he said. "We had a second down scrimmage, where we put the ball in a second down situation and we played out third down."


"So, we got over 30 3rd down situations, which was an area that we targeted that we had to improve, so I was really pleased with the work we got in that special category."


Another area of particular emphasis this spring and like 3rd downs, Callahan said that this aspect of the game got some ample attention as well. "I thought we got a lot of good work in special teams," he said. "We scrimmaged a lot of areas late in the practice just to test what the team's stamina was."


"There's some area that we need to shore up, but it's great to get that kind of work in spring ball that we don't normally get during training camp."


The quarterback race continues to be one of the hotter topics surrounding spring ball and after the first live scrimmage, there was a definite interest as to whether anyone had separated themselves from the other. Callahan still saw this race, however, as one that hasn't turned into one QB fighting off everyone else. "It's still everyone competing," Callahan said. "We distributed the reps as such that we have a number of guys coming in and out and it's hard to get a flow and consistency."


"We're going to continue to mix and match quarterbacks with the first, second or third offensive lines."


The mixing and matching is taking place all over the field, linemen on the offense being shuffled in and out all day, even within the first, second or third-team units and the wide receiver position was substituted on a fairly regular basis as well.


Nebraska has reached almost the midway point of spring practices as it draws to just over two weeks before the actual kickoff of the spring game, slated to take place on April 16th.


The Huskers will resume practice on Monday and again, alternating days until the end of the week where they will once again go back-to-back in practice sessions.




    •                     Brandon Jackson was still out, his shoulder in a sling and Callahan said that the results from his MRI have not been received, thus he couldn't make any comment as to the specifics regarding the injury.
    •                     Daniel Bullocks sat out most of the scrimmaging, suffering from a minor injury that isn't expected to have him out of Monday's practice. Brandon Rigoni took the first-team snaps in his place.
    •                    Lydon Murtha participated in the entire scrimmage today, showing no ill-effects from his hamstring, an injury he incurred before spring ball commenced.
    •                    Future Huskers, Zach Potter and Phillip Dillard were in attendance for the scrimmage
    •                   It was "Junior Day" and an estimated 14 juniors were in attendance for Nebraska's first scrimmage.

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