Swift moving up the WR ladder

Nebraska experienced a loss of receivers over the last season. Players like Ross Pilkington and Andy Birkel decided to pursue other opportunities and that opened the door for those still on the team. Going into his redshirt freshman year, Nathan Swift has taken advantage of those opportunities and looks to be one of the wideouts on the rise this spring.

There are a variety of players that have came to this spring fairly anonymous, but have since let their actions speak for their potential down the line. Swift is one of those, going into his redshirt freshman year, Nathan has been one of the most dependable wideouts for Nebraska thus far.

It hasn't gone unnoticed either. "He's shown that ability to step up and make plays," head coach Bill Callahan said of Swift following the first full scrimmage of the spring. "He's got excellent speed downfield (and) good hands."

"He's maturing as a football player and his progress is making strides."

Swift's improvement comes with the improvement of most if not all of the rest of the receiving core, this group now a year into the Callahan system and that much farther into understanding the nuances of the offense and their roles.

Shamus McKoy, Matt Schroeder, Grant Mulkey, Isaiah Fluellen, Mark LeFlore, Terrence Nunn, all will be vying for one of the top two spots at the two main wideout positions.

As Callahan said, the expectations on all of them are the same. "I think the overall consistency is what we are looking for, not only out of him (Swift), but out of everybody."

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