Pasco's Mountain Man Eager To Learn About NU

With Nebraska picking up a stud and a half with Pasco, Washington's Leon Jackson, the Cornhuskers are looking to dip back into the pool with offensive lineman Ryan Tolar. We were able to catch up with Tolar to find out what he's been up to during the off-season, what his visit plans are and just how interested he is in Nebraska.

Ryan Tolar is ready for the next football season to be here already in April.  The large young man from Pasco High School has been taking the time to prepare himself physically for the challenges ahead and feels that his squad will be ready for the tasks at hand.  "Right now I'm just working out and I'm in track right now, getting some stuff ready just focusing on the upcoming season.  (I'm working on my) speed and agility trying to knock my 40 time down.  Last year we were able to go 12 and 1, we've got a lot of guys coming back, I think we've got some guys that are going to step up and help our team pretty well," said Tolar.

The offers are starting to sink in a bit for Ryan as he currently claims five and mentions that several other schools are starting to take a serious look at him and gauge their interests.  "Right now I've got five (Washington State, Nebraska, Oregon, Arizona State and Washington) and some schools are starting to go a little stronger.    Oregon State's been starting to send a lot of stuff.  Notre Dame, I've been talking with them and schools are starting to send some stuff out like California, Oregon State, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Northwestern.  I've gotten letters from Florida State, Kansas State and Utah, too," said Tolar. 

Ryan has also been busy working to set up his visit schedules both unofficial and official.  As of right now, it appears that the Big Red is in line for a visit from this massive individual.  "Right now I've got two visits set up.  With Nebraska, I'm taking an official visit there and one to Michigan State.  I've been able to visit with all of the schools in the Northwest and been able to go to junior days and everything like that, so I've been able to look at the schools up here.  I'm focusing on my official visits being to schools I haven't taken an unofficial to.  Notre Dame or California, places like that," he said.

Ryan has mentioned that his contact with the Cornhuskers has picked up quite a bit as of late, as well.  "Yeah it was pretty funny.  They didn't send me much throughout the season, I think it was maybe my fourth or fifth letter was the offer and since then I've had a lot of correspondence with them.  Every couple of weeks the entire staff will write me a letter.  I get to see what their coaches are like as a staff.  I've been talking to Coach Wagner, he's the one who's been sending the most stuff.  He's a real nice guy, I've been able to talk to him on the phone and he's been checking up with me with letters," said Tolar.

Tolar has made it clear that he has a true interest in every school recruiting him at this point, but we spoke a bit about what he wants to learn about Nebraska over the course of the recruiting process.  "Right now I know they have a real strong tradition with their school, they've been a real dominant force in college football.  I want to learn what's around Nebraska, you've got to know about where you're going to be going.  I want to learn about some of the things they run with their offense like how they run their offensive line," he said.

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