Jackson's condition still a mystery

As the questions from spring practice continue, the answers are hopefully to come before this first half of off-season practices is over. Unfortunately for the Huskers, though, there's one question that still hasn't been answered: What's wrong with Brandon Jackson?

It's been since last week when running back Brandon Jackson went down with an apparent shoulder injury. And, Jackson himself has been sporting a shoulder strap to limit the amount of movement in that area. But, to date, the coaches still aren't sure as to just what the exact nature of Jackson's injury is. "I don't know," running back coach Randy Jordan said of Jackson's injury. "Hopefully, in the next couple of days, we all will know something."

That injury has closed the door to Jackson for now, but has obviously opened up doors for others. Running backs like Thomas Lawson have taken full advantage of it, but Jordan admits that it's easy to be sympathetic towards Jackson considering the kind of benefit this spring was going to have.

"He's a little bit down, obviously anyone would be," Jackson said. "I feel bad for him, but he's going to do everything he can and everything the doctors tell him to get healthy."

Jackson is currently listed number two on the depth chart behind Cory Ross and ahead of Lawson and Marque McCray.

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