Huskers hosting top DE/TE at spring game

The Huskers have set their sites on one of the most talented defensive/tight ends in the West. Hailing from Las Vegas, this prospect is ready to make the journey from the desert of Nevada to the plains of Nebraska to see the Red-White Spring game in Lincoln. What are some of the things that he wants to see about Lincoln to get him to commit?

Looking at Mike Smith on paper, you could compare him a little to last year's commitment, Zach Potter. Their size is comparable with the weight advantage going to Potter, but the athlete debate sides with Smith.

Smith who is from Las Vegas (Nev.) Palo Verde, comes in at 6-foot-6.5 and around 235 pounds, carries about a 4.8/40 and is also a standout first baseman.

"It's going good, I just got back from a game. We won," Smith said. "I'm hitting pretty good. I don't have any homeruns in any real games yet. I hit a good ball on Saturday that probably would have gone out had the wind not been blowing in at about 100 miles per hour."

Smith's days beyond the halls of Palo Verde lie on the football field though. The last time that Red Report caught up with him, he was at two offers. Those two were from UNLV and Nebraska. Has anyone else joined the offer train for Smith?

"Yeah I think that Colorado State has offered. I really haven't gotten anything from them yet, but that is what my coach told me. I have written offers from UNLV and Nebraska."

Smith has already taken in an unofficial visit to UNLV for a Junior Day and it getting ready to go on another. In two weeks, he will be sitting in Lincoln for the Nebraska spring game.

"Yeah, we are going. I will be there. I'm just looking forward to sizing up all of the players to see how I need to improve myself so that I can play football for Nebraska."

Smith has heard the stories that have kind of taken on mythical proportions about Nebraska's spring game last year. While last year wasn't technically a sell-out, there were a lot of fans there who turned out to see a glorified scrimmage.

"I heard there was like 61,000 people there for the spring game last year. That is a lot of people for just a spring game. I'm excited to go. There will be more people there this year it sounds like."

Beyond the spring game at Lincoln and the unoffical visit at UNLV, there are no other immediate plans for Smith to make other visits this spring/summer. He does have combine plans though.

"I am going to a combine later. I am not really sure what the combine is called or what, but it was just something that Coach Ross told me to do."

Expect recruiting to only pick up for Smith who is getting his tape out now to teams like UCLA and New Mexico among others. "I haven't gotten anything back on those yet. Hopefully Arizona State is close or a school in Arizona, California or something like that."

So, is the Nebraska offer just too far away for Smith to consider?

"Well distance is kind of a big thing. It really depends on how the school is. If I am going to go to an average school close to home or an average school far away from home, I will probably stay close to home. It just depends on how decent the school is and if I like it there."

"Nebraska isn't too far away. It's fine. It just depends on if I am going to be able to compete to play. That is my big thing, if I am going to be able to compete to play."

Smith is a touted player on both sides of the ball, but he prefers defense. He made second team all-district honors as both a tight end and a defensive end as a junior. He highlighted on the defensive side of the ball tallying 17 sacks.

"Nebraska said that they are looking at me as a defensive end, but that I could be a tight end just as easily. That is what Coach Wagner told me. I really don't care what position. I really don't care, as long as I am playing."

Smith is interested in checking out a few other things when he gets to Lincoln, in particular how the weather is. "I really want to see how the weather is. I heard it snows a lot. That really won't bother me, that much, hopefully. I am curious as to what kind of food places they have around there too."

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