East Coast Two-Way Stud Pursues Childhood Favorite

There are some athletes that you can offer just on the basis of speed and raw athleticism. Nebraska has identified yet another individual in just that mold and is starting to let their voice be heard on the East Coast. Learn more about this exciting new prospect and just who he grew up watching on television.

Santonyo Jones offers your standard solid athleticism but holds a factor that simply can't be taught: his speed.  Jones stands 5' 9" and currently weighs in at 172 pounds while working the track over with his 4.5 40-yard dash.  Jones benches 300 pounds and had five touchdowns and five interceptions during his junior campaign where he played both the wide receiver and cornerback positions.  He was named a First Team All-District defensive back and is currently gaining interest from the likes of Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Oregon, North Carolina State, Penn State, Tennessee, Clemson and Duke.  He claims his current favorites from that group as Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Nebraska and Oregon.  On April 24th, he will attend the Nike Camp at Virginia Tech and could possibly attend a camp at Penn State as well.  He cites his strength as his hands on offense and his ability to cover people one on one during man coverage.

As a growing young man, Santonyo Jones' interest in the sport of college football has blossomed like the rose that is his athletic talents.  One such ball club was fortunate enough to catch the eye of the young Mr. Jones.  "(It was) Nebraska.  When I was younger I watched Nebraska because I liked Eric Crouch.  He was just amazing every game," said Jones.  Santonyo's days leading up to current day were filled with watching the 2001 Heisman Trophy Winner juking everyone north and south of the Mason Dixon line out of their pads.  As far as what Nebraska is doing to currently gain Jones' interest, the effort has been steady, he says.  "I've been getting some mail, information on their coaching staff and the last letter I got they were telling me about their facilities," he said.  Jones mentioned that the staff has made sure to let him know about the new facilities Nebraska is expecting in the coming years.

One thing naturally important to a young man attending a collegiate institution is comfort and that will be among Jones' chief concerns in the 2005-2006 recruiting process.  "(It'll be) mostly academics, but I'd like to go a school that's been in a lot of bowls, too," he said.  Santonyo says that neither distance nor weather is a factor.  He could see himself playing on the coasts or anywhere in-between if he feels right.  Jones doesn't have many visit plans in concrete yet, but there is one place he definitely wants to get to.  "Nebraska, I've been telling my coach about that since last year," he said. 

In speaking about what makes Nebraska an attractive institution, Jones states that much of the attraction spawned from his younger days along with the latest infusion of the coaching staff.  "I used to watch them a lot when I was young, I like how they run their offense and their coaches seem great," said Jones.  Will Jones make the trek to Lincoln and find himself in the same position he once saw the former Heisman Trophy winner?  Stay tuned to Big Red Report for all of the latest details.

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