Minnesota TE/DE Prospect Has Offer In Hand

With Nebraska currently unsure who their tight end going into the 2005-2006 season is going to be, it has become apparent that the need for quality depth is there. The Cornhuskers have offered a young man from the chilled northern reaches of the country that might end up fitting the bill nicely.

Jordan McMichael offers you a very interesting prospect.  Not only could you see him realistically playing at tight end during his collegiate career, a position at which he caught 30 catches for 414 yards and six touchdowns, but at defensive end where he had a defensive touchdown, 13 sacks, 37 solo tackles and 44 assisted tackles.  Jordan stands 6' 6" and currently weighs in at 230 pounds.  Couple those statistics with his 4.7 40 yard dash and you've got a prospect that the Cornhuskers had to offer. 

He currently benches 240 pounds while squatting 440 and was named First Team All-Conference as a junior.  In addition to Nebraska, he holds an offer from Kansas and is receiving interest from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State, UCLA, Indiana, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Illinois, Miami, Oklahoma and Boston College.  He plans to attend the Nike Camp at Michigan along with camps at Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Boston College.  He cites his strengths as getting off of the ball quickly and his solid receiving skills.

Growing up as a young man, you could say that Jordan McMichael's preferences as a fan of college football were a little unorthodox.  Many young men grew up watching Miami, Florida State, Nebraska, Michigan, teams that were among the nation's elite, but Jordan preferred a different bunch.  "(I liked) Northwestern.  They're always the underdog in the Big 10 and I always cheer for the underdog," said McMichael.  While Jordan was a Wildcat fan back in the day, he has opened himself up to the recruiting process and what other schools have had to say.

One such school that has contacted him with some regularity, Nebraska, is making sure that connections can be formed early syncing up Jordan with his eventual position coach should he decide to commit to the Big Red.  "They sent me letters in the mail, postcards and I've talked to a couple of their coaches on the telephone.  With Coach Downing, we talked about everything, all the athletics I'm involved in and how school's going," he said. 

Some of the bigger factors in Jordan's eventual decision have to do with football, but a large portion deals with what lies after it.  "The academics for sure and the coaching's going to be huge," said McMichael.  Among some of the academic criteria Jordan will be reviewing are graduation rates for athletes, average GPA for any given school and the average admittance rate.  When it comes to visits, Jordan is already filling out an itinerary.  "I have a visit to Minnesota planned next weekend and this weekend I have a visit planned for Wisconsin.  June 23rd, I'm going to the Northwestern camp. I also have a planned visit for Boston College," said Jordan. 

McMichael stated that his interest in Nebraska was pretty high, especially with the scholarship offer being among his first, but what draws him to find out more about the Cornhuskers? "The tradition is big, the nice stadium down there and how it's always sold out.  They always have a lot of fans, that's pretty big.  I've always liked the Big 12 Conference, too," he said.

Big Red Report will continue to follow this promising young athlete throughout his senior campaign and on to Signing Day 2006.

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