The battle to end all battles?

Another day, another chance to look and talk about the quarterbacks, who's doing what and if anyone is stepping out beyond the rest. Head coach, Bill Callahan talked about the quarterbacks after practice, laying it all out as to just where things stand right now.

There's little debate that the battle at QB is the one to watch. Joe Dailey, Zac Taylor, Jordan Adams, Beau Davis and Joe Ganz, all are making their mark during the spring session of practices. But, for the majority of spring, it's been a two-man race and up to this point, head coach, Bill Callahan said not much has changed.

"They're still in competition, they're still competing," Callahan said of all the quarterbacks, more specifically Zac Taylor and Joe Dailey. "We're exchanging reps. We're continuing to give both of them an opportunity as well as Joe Ganz and we're also giving reps to Beau Davis and we are trying to plug Jordan Adams in there as well."

"So, they are all getting a pretty good dosage of reps right now."

The dosages are there, but the vast majority of the repetitions at the position have gone to either Dailey or Taylor, Wednesdays practice being somewhat consistent. Taylor, though, while being under the weather received probably the greatest amount of reps he's gotten thus far, working much more with the number one defense than he has been. "We wanted to give him an opportunity with the one offensive line," Callahan said of Taylor.

"He's been splitting a lot of reps with Joe and Joe has been with the one offensive line and I thought it would be a good idea to put him back there with the ones and get him a little tempo and confidence with that unit." 

Taylor continues to maintain at the very least, a dead-heat status with Dailey for that starting spot and managed to do the most live work he's done, despite the fact that for the last couple of days, he's not been 100 percent. "He hasn't been feeling good the last two days," Callahan said of Zac. "So, for him to come out and gut out these last two practices, not feeling as well as he has, it's a great sign that he wants to play and wants to do whatever it takes."

"(But) When you aren't feeling real well, it's tough to get out there and throw."

Callahan said of either Taylor or Dailey that both have grasped what they have needed to do, well, as far as acclimating to the offense this year. That was basically the first stage, however, the head coach citing the fact that how it's applied now means more than anything. "It's just a matter now of making plays under pressure," he said. "Executing the offense under a pressure situation is what it all comes down to right now."

With just a little over a week to go, the addition of plays to the offense will continue as will the addition of pressures will continue on the defensive side of the ball. As for the quarterback race, while Taylor and Dailey haven't separated from each other, the same can be said for both Davis and Ganz, those two proportionately equal in getting reps for the rather dubious number three spot on the chart.

The battle will of course, continue well into the fall, but for now, while the coaches aren't admitting it, the popular belief is that this is Zac Taylor's job to lose. But, if you don't think so, check our poll on who people think the starter will be come Fall and cast your vote as well. We'll be running down all the positions on the field, but popularity demanded we start with the hottest topic on turf, the battle to be the number one QB.

Cast your vote - Which QB leads Nebraska this year?

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