"It's Nebraska." 'Nuff said for NU commit #1

He won't say much, but he won't have to. He's a lineman. A snot-blowing biggun that takes to the attitude that most lineman do: if it's in front of you, kill it. Ricky Henry has another attitude that is typical of linemen, heck most players within the borders of Nebraska and that is that they want to be wearing Scarlet and Cream one day. Well, one day soon will be here as Ricky is commit number one for the Huskers class of 2006.

Ricky Henry is like any lineman you might imagine: big, strong, but also not overly vocal. You don't have to be vocal when you are the line. Aside from the physical gifts, one main thing really matters. "You have to be nasty," Ricky said. "You just have to dominate the guy in front of you."

Nasty is one thing, but even when you are straight-faced and determined to throttle whoever is unfortunate enough to be lined across from you, every lineman has one thing that gives them a little fun during any particular game.


There isn't an offensive lineman in existence that doesn't like to pull, because it actually gives you a running shot at a defender. And, when you are around 6 foot, 4 inches tall and weigh five pounds short of 300, it's like Christmas every time you come around and see someone that for whatever reason doesn't see you. "That's my favorite thing," Ricky said. "I just want to blow that guy up."

Well, that's not all Ricky wants. Well, that aside from the fact that he and his team hope to better on the 4-5 record that Burke had last year. No, what he also wanted is just what he got when the University of Nebraska offered a scholarship and he eagerly accepted. "I'm a Husker," Ricky said. "I've wanted to say that my whole life and now I can, so that's great."

Considering last year and the fact that Nebraska didn't even have an in-state commit until the monumental class of 31 commits was almost halfway done, Henry's commit comes as to some, probably a sigh of relief. There's still that love of the program, despite the belief that the love from the program hasn't been returned in kind to its aspiring state-citizens.

Henry never thought about any of that, as you might guess, his memories singling in on what has been great about the program he's loved since he was a kid. "It's Nebraska, that's about it," Ricky said. "To me, there was really no other choice."

Henry had a choice, that coming in the way of a written offer from Kansas, along with interest from the very successful Iowa Hawkeyes.

Nope, doesn't matter, not hearing any of it, this is where he wanted to be. "I've known all along I wanted to be there," he said. "I was just waiting for the offer."

Ricky won't regale you with stories of great games he's seen, players he dreamed of being and about the history that this program has entrenched in its walls, trophy cases and eyes of scarlet and cream devotees around the state. He'll simply shrug a little as if that is only icing on the cake, the best part being that he's going to do something he wasn't sure he would not even a year ago. "I guess I never really knew if I had a chance to play for them, maybe until last year," Henry said. "I didn't think about it, but I got that offer, so I guess that means I can."

He can and will, slated to play the offensive guard position, a slot that still has some need of addressing. The depth at either spot after this season is a major question mark, especially with all the new faces that are being slotted there, even without arriving on campus.

Don't ask Ricky about that, though. Don't ask him to analyze the depth chart, speculate as to when and where he'll play or of who he thinks is going to be the man to beat for the job. Sure, like all kids, that's important in the future, but the future is what it is, now is now and he's happy simply because he can say something he's wanted to say his entire life.

"I'm going to Nebraska," he said. "That's what I have always wanted to do, so it's great."

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